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German Cockroach Heat Treatment

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pest control quoteGerman Cockroach Heat Treatment – Get rid of the roaches today with affordable non-chemical service. Cockroaches especially German roaches can be a problem in any facility that prepares and stores food items. Food service businesses work hard to maintain a good reputation and all that hard work can be destroyed by one or two online reviews containing that nasty word…roach.  Cockroaches contaminate food items, cooking and eating utensils, destroy paper goods and fabrics, and spread disease.  They can destroy business income overnight and/or at a minimal shut a business down for health inspection violations. German Roaches.

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German cockroaches, which are the more common indoor species of cockroach, can transmit Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, the hepatitis virus, and coli form bacteria. They can also spread typhoid and dysentery. Getting rid of these critters can be easy with a German cockroach heat treatment service.

“Discovering roaches at your business can be expense, time consuming, stressful and difficult to eradicate.”

The German cockroach will mainly inhabit any area where food preparation occurs and bathrooms, because they favor to be in warm, humid areas that are close to food and water. The German cock roach reproduces the fastest, producing an egg case that carries as many as 30 young every few weeks.  If all the adult roaches were killed in an initial service and nothing else done…in 90 days or less new hatchings will repopulate to 120-150% of the original number of roaches.

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german cockroach treatmentTypical roach treatments consist of going in after hours to saturate the kitchen area(s) with toxic pesticides designed to flush out and kill adult roaches.  Because most pesticides do not penetrate egg capsules the process must be repeated 2-4 times over a period of weeks.  Failure to have follow up visits usually results in re-infestation with higher populations of roaches.  Even if successful these treatments take a lot of manpower hours and potential exposure to harsh chemicals.

Bills Pest Control’s German cockroach heat treatment process is effective in stopping the spread of cockroach populations with just one service.  Our German cockroach heat treatment service will raise the core temperature of the room and sustain it for a period of several hours, killing the cock roaches, and any mold spores they potentially brought with them and most importantly eradicating eggs before they hatch.  Future infestations are prevented by drying the moist areas where the cock roaches nest.  The process can be accomplished in as little as one day and leave your structure bug free and disinfected. For more information about German Cockroach heat treatment services call today. German Roach Pest Control.

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Our supplier brought in a load of german roaches and we needed an expert to fumigate them without using chemicals. Bill’s Pest Control had the answer with a natural heat treatment.  They were able to cleanout the infestation with one initial service and three follow ups.

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