Heat Treatment for Powder Post Beetles

powder post beetleHeat Treatment Powder Post Beetles Phoenix Az – Got bugs? Heat Treatment Powder Post Beetles is a valid option for eradicating this pest from infested furniture.  Get expert advice from Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  If you have, or merely suspect an infestation of these insects call us ASAP.  These beetles can be destructive and difficult to eradicate.  Waiting will only allow for additional opportunities for this menace to spread. Powder Post Beetle Treatment. #1 Powder Post Beetle Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

“Left unchecked Powder Post Beetles can destroy infested wood in short order.”

When you look at the physical size of these little bugs, it’s hard to believe that they can destroy infested wood or a home seemingly overnight.  Calls for heat treatment against Powder Post Beetles services have increased two fold in the last five years. How to get rid of Powder Post Beetles.

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Most infestations we see can be traced to a wood item or piece of wood furniture with origins from Mexico or the Far East.  The increase in imported furniture is believed to be a factor in calls for heat treatment for Powder Post Beetles services.

When it comes to Powder Post Beetles, it takes a trained and experienced exterminator to detect the indirect evidence of infestation.  The small piles of powder frass are often overlooked in the initial stages of infestation.  As the little piles increase in frequency, a homeowner becomes suspicious and usually calls in an exterminator.  By then the outbreak has grown to multiple locations.

Most outbreaks we see in the Phoenix area start when an infested piece of wood, cabinet, and piece of furniture that is brought into a home.  Over a perio, the larvae develop into adults that spread to other areas of a home.  This can be a real nightmare for a homeowner.

Powder Post Beetle Treatment

heat pest control for powder post beetlesTreatment methods can include the use of pesticides, fumigant gases, borate treatments, cold temperature or the use of heat.  Depending upon the infestation, location and other considerations one method may be more efficient than the other.

Pesticides can be very useful if the product can be delivered to the beetles.  This can be a challenge as these Beetles typically bore tiny holes deep into the wood.

Though not having a 100% kill rate using Borate products to treat the infested wood offers a better chance at eliminating infestations.  To be effective, the wood must be raw (without any coatings).  Consumers will have to have some patience as it can take +120 days to penetrate infested areas.

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Pest Control trained techniciansFumigation, when performed correctly can provide users with a complete kill.  This procedure can be expensive and will require days of preparation.

If the infestation is confined to a moveable piece of furniture just placing the item(s) in a deep freezer at 0 degrees for at least 72 hours will provide complete eradication.

The use of heat at temperatures between 120-140 degrees for at least six hours can provide complete eradication without the use of harsh chemicals, at an affordable cost and without days of preparation.  Heat treatments for Powder Post Beetles will kill adult bugs and the larvae.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Arizona exterminator.  We provide complete heat treatment for Powder Post Beetles services.  Our services are affordable, and we offer warranties, so you have peace of mind that if the critters come back,…we will come back. Pest Fumigation.

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Heat pest control treatment

Heat Treatment Powder Post Beetles Phoenix Az
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Mike E via Bing

Found Bill’s Pest Control while researching how to get rid of powder post beetles.  Glad we found them.  They were the only exterminator in the valley that had a treatment option that was chemical free.  Two years after the service the beetles have not resurfaced.

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by Brenda R via YellowBook on Bills Pest Termite Control
Powder Post Beetle Exterminator

Bill's was recommended by our property manager and we are thankful for the recommendation. The few exterminators we found that exterminate beetles wanted thousands of dollars for extermination. Their treatments take 3-5 days so we had to ad the expense of staying in a hotel. The two pages of prep work required us to take two days off work and was a hassle.

Bill's quote was less than half and did not require days of prep work or staying in a hotel.

Better yet the service worked.