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Pest Control Surprise Az | Surprise Pest Service

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Pest Control Surprise Az | Surprise Pest Service – Bugs overrunning your home? Need a good Surprise exterminator? Let us help today with affordable eradication services. Eliminate the bugs today with expert pest control services from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control. Our exterminator Surprise Az services are safe, effective, and affordable.  Many services include a renewable warranty so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that if the pests come back, we come back! #1 Surprise Pest Control Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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“The signs of an impending insect invasion are usually hidden in plain sight.” 

We have busy lives and for most consumers, they are not aware of a pest problem until they discover creepy crawlers scurrying across a countertop or floor.  Or they decide for the first time in months to relax outside on a patio and they come under attack from hordes of insects.

The signs of an impending invasion are usually within sight if we take the time to look.  The Surprise area is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Arizona and record growth has come with an increased demand for pest control services.

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ant controlWhen you step back and look at the area that is now Surprise it’s no wonder that pest control services are in demand.  Below 4000 feet more than 11,000 different types of insects call Arizona home.  Like any living creature insects need shelter, moisture, and food.  In the insect world, a home situated in the desert is an oasis that provides an abundance of all three necessities.   The more homes, as is the case with all the new construction in Surprise, translates to more opportunities and results in healthy insect populations.

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pest control surprise azIn years past the out west pioneer spirit meant a homeowner would find the strongest pesticide, or in some cases gasoline, and spray it anywhere and everywhere around their home.  While this worked temporally it needlessly exposed the household to toxic chemicals and had to be repeated periodically.  The stronger the product (read toxic) only meant the repeat cycle was stretched out a few days longer.

Many pest control services seem to repeat the ole’ “spray and repeat” on a monthly basis.  Exterminators providing this type of control can make good profits from this method and are assured of repeat business.  Consumers are needlessly exposed to harsh chemicals and the problem is never really solved.

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Surprise Pest ServiceExpert exterminator Surprise Az service begins with a thorough inspection.  Properly identifying all target insects allows a good exterminator to select the products and bait that provides long term protection.  Identifying conditions conducive and eliminating nesting areas can reduce the need for pesticides.  Finding and sealing entry points to your home can dramatically reduce the need for pesticides inside.

Bills Surprise Pest Control service provides free inspections and evaluations for home and business owners.  For more information about pest control Surprise Az services or to schedule Surprise pest control give us a call. Bed Bug Control. #1 Surprise Pest Service – Bill’s Pest Control.

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Contracted Bill’s Pest to eradicate ants that were taking over our kitchen. Karen was able to find the nest and entry point and fix the problem. We were so impressed we hired them for monthly sprays.

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