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free termite treatment quoteTermite Heat Treatment – Need termite heat treatment services? Arizona is home to Western Drywood termites, the most destructive termite species found in North America.  Because of the cryptic nature of this species most infestations are not discovered until the colony reaches maturity in 4-7 years.  By then infested wood members are damaged beyond repair and often require replacement.  Western Drywood termites are very destructive to any framed home. A small colony can devour a linear foot of a 2-by-4 in five months or less. The threat termites pose to a structure are real and ignoring this pest can be costly. #1 Drywood Termite Treatment Exterminators – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoIt’s not uncommon for this type of termite to remain undetected for 10-12 years.  Often the first sign of infestation are when a homeowner notices re-occurring piles of “saw dust” near a baseboard or window sill.  Unlike their distant cousins, the more common subterranean species the live within the wood they infest and are rarely seen. Another sign of infestation may occur when a mature colony swarms (June-August) and homeowners see “flying ants” near windows or light sources. Unfortunately homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage or the cost of treatment.

Two of the most effective methods for total (whole-house) eradication are fumigation and heat.  Fumigation requires the homeowner to vacate for 2-4 days and remove a laundry list of items before service.  Prep time for this procedure can be 1-3 hours. The structure is completely wrapped in heavy tarps and two types of gas are pumped into the home.  The gas is circulated throughout the home for a couple of days and then it must be aerated to remove all traces of gas.  If properly done this method will kill all pests inside the home. If re-infestation occurs the process must be repeated.

Drywood Termite Treatment

Western Drywood Termite GalleriesThe ability for heat to penetrate inside of wood to kill dry wood termites makes the Termite Heat Treatment process an effective non-chemical tool for whole structure eradication of these pests.  Heat treatments are typically same day services and require less than an hour of prep time.  If properly done this method will eliminate all pests living inside the home.  If re-infestation occurs selected treatment can be done to the area of infestation.

Other acceptable treatment methods may include removing and replacing infested wood members, borate treatments, direct pesticide application and selected heat treatments to infested areas.  If the infestation is isolated to one area often removal and replacement will eliminate the problem.

Borate treatments are effective when the infested wood areas are exposed by removing drywall, paneling or other coverings.  Borates are natural products, safe, and very effective when properly applied.  Borates sprayed on the outside will eventually penetrate to the core of infested wood and eliminate the entire colony. Proper inspection is important to identify and expose all areas of infestation. Using Borates will provide long term residual protection against re-infestation.

In general direct pest applications must be precise in order to eliminate any infestation and provide long term protection.  This method also requires that infested wood areas are exposed by removing drywall, paneling or other coverings.  Direct pest applications will kill termites that come in contact with treated areas.  Unfortunately most products used for this method will not penetrate to the core of infested wood members.

Drywood Heat Termite Treatment – How it works

Termite Heat TreatmentOur technicians introduce clean, dry heat into the structure, gradually increasing the temperature until the wood core reaches 130 degrees. We then maintain the temperature at or above that level for 1.5 hours to ensure a complete kill. The entire procedure may be completed in as little as 8 hours. The heat termite treatment process is the perfect solution for those who want to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Before considering any treatment method for dry wood termites it’s important to get a thorough inspection and evaluation from an experienced exterminator, especially one familiar with this species.  Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts.  We provide free inspections and evaluations for residents of Metro Phoenix.  Trip charges may apply to other areas of Arizona.

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Termite Heat Treatment
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