Waddell Pest Control – Bill’s Waddell Pest Control provides safe effective exterminator services for your home or business at affordable rates. Bill’s Pest & Termite Control is family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with the unique pests that inhabit our Sonoran Desert. We know Waddell bugs!

Prior to the construction boom…vast areas of Waddell was desert with moderate pest pressure. New construction created moisture, shelter and new food sources for area insects. The demand for exterminator services to combat Waddell insect populations is at record levels

The key to our award winning Waddell pest control service is having trained and experience service technicians that know which products to use that will safely eliminate and control your pest infestation. By knowing which product(s) to use and how much…we save your family and pets from needless exposure to harsh chemicals. Most pest infestations can be eliminated in one or two services and may require periodic follow-up service to protect against re-infestation.

Bill’s Waddell Pest Control has been exterminating for over three generations and is a trusted name in pest control. You are assured that our service technicians will only offer the necessary service(s) that you need. No up-selling or hidden fees. Bill’s Waddell Pest Control service does not require a signed contract or long-term commitment as a condition of service…as we are confident in earning your continued business.

By eliminating interior insects with baits and dusts to critical areas and establishing a protective barrier around the outside of your home our services will give your family peace of mind. Prior to service our technicians will inspect your home and determine the infesting pest(s) and make note of areas conducive to infestation. All Waddell Pest Control services are guaranteed…so if your bugs come back…we come back.

If you’re looking for safe, effective Waddell Pest Control services from a trusted company…call Bill’s Pest & Termite Control. We know Arizona bugs!

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