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Order Termite ReportTermite Inspection Phoenix Az – Need a WDIIR termite inspection report? Free termite inspection? We can help! Get expert service today from Arizona’s Termite Experts. Bills Pest Control is your hometown Termite Inspection Phoenix Az service. Family owned and locally operated we are Arizona’s Termite Experts. We provide termite inspection reports for real estate transactions, refinancing, yearly inspections for concerned property owners, free second opinions and estimates for treatment services. If you in need of termite inspection Phoenix Az services we can help. Call us today 602.308.4510.

Termite Inspection Phoenix Az

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The threat from termites is real. Consumers spend billions of dollars every year eradicating and repairing damage from termites.

In Arizona your home can be attacked from outside, underground, above ground, via flight or these critters can be brought inside your home hidden within infested items. Termites love to eat wood. Unfortunately most homes are held together by the very wood these insects like to eat.

Not all termites in Arizona are the same. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types. Arizona is home to at least 17 different types. The good news is that not all types will be a threat to your home. The bad news is that the one’s that will attack your home can inflict a lot of damage in short order.

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Depending upon the species termites can invade a structure from underground, above ground, from the air (via flight) or be unknowingly brought in hidden within infested items. The signs of infestation can vary by species. Most exterminators and many homeowners are familiar with the tell tale mud tunnels appearing on an outside stem wall. Even among licensed exterminators few have the expertise to detect the presence of less common types of termites.

Missing the subtle signs of infestation by less common species can spell disaster for homeowners. Not all termite inspection Phoenix Az exterminators are equal. Consumers are best served finding experienced termite inspectors that are familiar with all types of insects found in Arizona.

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termite inspection phoenixNeed a Phoenix WDIIR? We can help. Three to four out of every ten homes we inspected in the Phoenix area has some type of evidence concerning termites. The majority of homes over 20+ years old have visible signs of termite services. Finding termite damage in homes 30+ years old is hardly a challenge for experience termite inspectors.

Experts agree that having your Phoenix area home inspected at least once a year is critical to avoiding expensive damage repairs. Because termites can be so different preventative type treatments can be a waste of hard earned money and provide a false sense of security. #1 Phoenix Termite Inspection Report Service – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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Termite Inspection Phoenix Az
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Jayse F via NextDoor

Bill’s was recommended by our realtor. They lived up to their stellar reputation. The report was completed and delivered as promised. It was detailed and included a diagram. Very professional.

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Lisa from Bill's Termite completed our inspection report. She arrived on time and had the report to the title company within the hour. Professional service.