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Best Pest Control Ahwatukee Az – Whether its ants, crickets, spiders or one of the other 11,000 insects roaming the desert…soon or later bugs will take up nesting just outside your home and eventually find their way inside.

Given our busy daily schedules many of us will not see the signs of an impending invasion and will not be aware of the problem until we awake to creepy crawlers wandering across the floor or a countertop.

“Ahwatukee is home to over 11,000 different types of insects.”

After the initial response of shock and/or disbelief many of us will seek out a can of Raid to blast the unwanted intruder(s).  While a quick spray can give us a small level of satisfaction, relief from the invaders will be temporary.  Finding a good pest control Ahwatukee Az service is recommended.

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Arizona ExterminatorsSpraying for pests in Arizona should not be one of those do-it-yourself projects.  Spraying harsh chemicals anywhere and everywhere is a recipe for disaster.  More often than not this method will make the problem worse while needlessly exposing your household to pesticides.  Unfortunately there are many pest control Ahwatukee Az services that employ this method.

Most insects are social, in that they live in colonies and each insect is as dependent on the colony as the colony is on the insect.  Insects in and around your home are typically workers out locating and gathering food.  When they are killed off by pesticide spray(s) the colony goes into reproductive mode and begins making more insects to offset the loss.  Depending upon the insect type the insects killed by spraying are replaced within weeks and often by even more.

Expert Pest Control Ahwatukee Az

Pest control Ahwatukee Az services do a great business during the summer months with this approach.  Unfortunately for consumers they are being needlessly exposed to pesticides.

Effectively controlling and/or eliminating pests requires more than spraying pesticides.  Prior to beginning any pest service it’s important to thoroughly inspect the property, identify all target insects, nesting areas and entry points.

Identifying target insects allow an experienced exterminator to select the right product(s) and baits specific to your pests.  Eliminating areas conducive to nesting and sealing entry points provides long term protection and minimizes the need for pesticides.

For more information about pest control Ahwatukee Az services give us a call. Bed Bug Exterminator.

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Ahwatukee Pest Control

Ahwatukee Pest Control
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Bill’s Pest Control is without question, THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I was in search of someone to trust my home’s needs with, and pulled up several companies with the intention of getting various quotes to make my final decision. However, their customer service displayed during my FIRST CALL and every call since, has been far beyond my expectation. I was asked, “How can we help you today?”, and it was then I decided to give them a try – but I still wasn’t POSITIVE I had made the right choice…At least, not until Karen returned my call the SAME DAY because I was in need of someone ASAP – she came out to assist my needs within HOURS of my call. She was VERY COURTEOUS, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and PATIENT with my 1,000 questions and certainly went above and beyond my high expectations! She even followed up the following day and reassured me that he would take care of the situation (I actually found a mouse in my house!! LOL). Needless to say, I am RELIEVED and THANKFUL that I know I have someone I can count on to not only get the job done, but take care of any needs I may have with a high level of excellence, a genuine concern for my needs, and an abundance of pride in the work that they do. Thank you Bill’s Pest Control for having such caring individuals whom I know I can TRUST with my home’s needs. I truly appreciate the punctuality, the standard of care and concern that not only Karen proudly displays, but the customer service that is shown throughout your office…I am truly thankful for my new friends…

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Mike is our new bug guy and we are impressed with his dedication to keeping our home bug free.