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scorpion heat treatment phoenix azScorpion Heat Treatment Phoenix Az – Looking for Scorpion Heat Treatment exterminator services in the Phoenix Arizona area? Welcome to the internet home of Bills Pest Control your hometown exterminator.  We provide safe, effective pest control services for your home or business at affordable rates.  Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back. #1 Scorpion Treatment Phoenix Az Service.

Bills Pest Control has the experience, and equipment to provide an array of pest services from traditional spray treatments to use of natural products, mechanical exclusion and the use of heat or cold to eliminate pests. 

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Our Scorpion Heat Treatment service provides consumers with another option for removing menacing scorpions from their home or business.

I recently opened my email to find this little gem from a competitor:

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“Subject: Scorpions ATT: owner – Bill

Attention BILL

Your advertising for eliminating scorpions through your heat treatments is un supported, false, and misleading. Don’t give yourself a bad name to just try and make a buck. If you want to get into discussion about why heat treatment will not work please stand up behind your statement and email us.

We would be happy to converse and or meet with you and if you would like we can arrange something on the radio station that you keep on advertising this process on. Stop misleading our fellow Arizonans especially the ones that are so frightened of these creatures.”  Pest

Puzzled…I re-read the message a couple of times to see if there was some hidden motivation or if I was missing something.  Obviously this business owner, who appears to not hold any pest control credentials and/or license has little knowledge and/or experience with Arizona scorpions.  Maybe he thinks hawking a “silver bullet” product for less than two years makes him an expert.

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“Eliminating scorpions through your heat treatments is un supported.”  If the testimony of 1000s of satisfied customers who have had successful treatments is not enough…here is a little factual information to support the cause.

arizona scorpionScorpion Heat Treatment is an effective method for flushing and removing scorpions from a structure.  Scorpions are ectothermic (arthropods) creatures, meaning they control their body temperature through their external environment.  As the temperature of the external environment rises, so too will the scorpion’s internal body temperature.  In order to survive they must leave a heated area during service.  I’m still amazed when we heat up a room where not a single scorpion was visible and as the air temperature rises they suddenly begin appearing scurrying towards cooler air.

Scorpion Heat Treatment Phoenix Az

As a scorpion’s body temperature increases, their metabolic processes begin to malfunction causing eventual death.  Our technicians vacuum treated areas after service to remove the remains. Effective Scorpion Heat Treatment services usually require maintaining 125-130 degrees of thermal radiation heat for 10-15 minutes.  To ensure a complete kill our technicians will maintain 125 degrees plus for at least 30 minutes and often 60 minutes.

Thermal heat treatments are very effective for eliminating scorpions from a home. Heat is one of the only truly organic pest control treatment method. Pesticide-based indoor scorpion control methods raise concern over the safety of occupants and pets and needless exposure to harsh chemicals. Outside only services provide no protection against the critters that are already inside. Our affordable heat treatment service provides the ability to perform scorpion control work without relying on toxic chemical residues. Heat can be effective against just about any Arizona pest including ants, termites and bed bugs (including the eggs). Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses.

Professional scorpion exterminators are usually called to a home after an infestation is discovered meaning the focus of that service should be eradicating the critters that are already inside and eliminating entry points.

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Merely sealing some outside access points as touted by author’s service is in tune with “making a fast buck” and leaving a homeowner with a false sense of security.  In contrast to the competitor’s statement that “scorpions do not come through garage or entry doors,” they in fact do…and more often than he is aware.  Additionally, scorpions are climbers and often enter a home via the attic.  Ground based barriers, or mechanical exclusions have little impact on stopping a Bark Scorpion from entering through an eave and/or attic vent.

pest control quoteCalls for scorpion service(s) usually peak when outside temperatures in Phoenix are plus 90 degrees and inside air conditioners are running full tilt.  Outside pests are attracted to fluctuations in temperature…or cooler air.  Being the predators that scorpions are they are also attracted to these areas in search of their next meal.

These areas can serve as entry points to the inside of a home.  One simple method to locate them is to walk a digital temperature gauge around your home at ground level.  Once these areas are located they can be sealed to eliminate access to your home.  Areas around entry doors, especially along the threshold are preferred entry points.

Trimming outside plants and trees will help stop climbing scorpions from entering via the eaves and attic.  Block walls and wood fences that abut the home should be treated with an effective product.

For more information about Scorpion Heat Treatment services or to get a free evaluation give us a call today.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get your back to living in a pest free environment. #1 Phoenix Scorpion Exterminator.  Scorpion Fumigation.

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Monty E via Kudzu

Found Bill’s after getting an outrageous bid to seal our home. For less than a quarter of the cost we had the pros from Bill’s service our home.  It has been a year since the service and we have only seen one dead scorpion.

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Better than expected sums up my experience with Summer from Bill's Pest Control. With just two treatments we have been pest free for 1 year.