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Sewer Roaches are cockroaches. Some people may call them ”Waterbugs” but they are the same thing. Oriental cockroach is their official title. This species behaves like the other, more common household cockroaches. Cockroach Pest Control Service.

If you have a problem with this pest give us a call today.  We can help! Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  We can customize a service designed to provide immediate relief with protection against re-infestation.

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exterminatorThis pest generally live in basements or other cool damp areas. If a problem develops in apartment or commercial buildings, it will usually be on the ground floor. Large numbers of Sewer Roaches can be found in Phoenix area manholes and have been known to infest nearby homes during yearly manhole treatments. They may be found in bath tubs and in kitchen sinks, but they do not come in through the drain pipes. They lack the sticky pads on their feet that other cockroaches have, so once they get into your toilet or sink they cannot crawl out because of the smooth sides.

Control of Phoenix area Sewer Roaches starts with creating an exterior barrier (power spray) around the entire foundation to repel invading roaches. Careful inspection of the home’s exterior for openings that allow roaches access and need to be sealed should accompany ensuring door thresholds fit tightly.

Sewer Roach Exterminator Phoenix Az

phoenix exterminatorEliminating thick plants along your outside foundation that offer moisture and shelter from our Arizona sun and treating flowerbeds with granules will eliminate conditions conducive to Sewer Roach infestations.

Control of this pest inside your home is safest with the use of baits. There are several forms of cockroach control baits, but the best for Sewer Roaches is a gel formulation. The gel bait for roaches usually comes in a small dispenser that works like a syringe. Place small amounts of gel in the places where you have seen these cockroaches being careful not to contaminate the bait with human scent. Make sure to put the bait out of the reach of children and pets. Sewer Roaches have healthy appetites so re-baiting may be necessary for large roach infestations. Usually it takes a few weeks for control methods to work. German Roaches.

In Arizona follow-up treatments (power spray) to the foundation will be necessary to protect against roach re-infestations. Cockroaches.

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We have been using Bill’s pest control for a year now and continue to be impressed with their high quality service. Clayton came by today to service our home. He was very friendly and conducted himself in a very professional manner. He called ahead as promised and was very efficient in treating our home. He even did a thorough inspection for sewer roaches as I had requested. I highly recommend Bill’s Pest Control.

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