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Best Pest Control Tempe Az – Need Tempe Exterminator services? Are bugs trying to take over your home? We can help today! Times have changed and most of us are on the go from sunrise to sunset with little downtime in between. So it’s no wonder that we miss the signs of a pending invasion of pests.  It’s not until we see the critters crawling across the floor or a countertop that we get the first inkling of a bug problem.  That should be the time to seek professional pest control services.  The real problem is often not the insects you see…it’s the ones you don’t see.

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For some, the sight of one or two creepy crawlers is enough to fire up Google and find an exterminator.  For others, it will take a massive invasion to dedicate precious time to find an exterminator and be home for the service.  Finding a good exterminator is the easy part…in fact you are here and have already accomplished half your goal.

Bills pest control Tempe Az is your hometown exterminator providing safe, effective pest control services at affordable rates. Bills has been a trusted Tempe exterminator for three generations.  With that trust, you will have peace of mind that we will only provide the necessary services needed without any up-selling or hidden costs.  We do not require a signed contract or long term commitment as a condition of service.

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The average pest control service consists of spraying the most toxic pesticides anywhere and everywhere around a home.  The “spray and pray” method is designed to provide temporary relief, eradicating exposed insects.  Nesting insects are not affected and immediately go into reproduction mode to offset lost workers.  In short order, insect populations are back to previous levels and increasing.  Exterminators like this process as it generates reoccurring revenue.

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tempe exterminatorConsumers should carefully evaluate pest control exterminators to ensure they are not being needlessly exposed to harsh chemicals.

Prior to starting any pest control service our experienced technicians will inspect your property to identify target insects, nesting areas, entry points, and conditions conducive to future infestations.  Correcting conditions conducive to insects and eliminating nesting areas are critical steps to eradication and long term protection.  Identifying target insects allows our exterminators to use specific products and baits.  Sealing entry points keeps the critters outside.

Best Pest Control Tempe Az

Tempe Pest ExterminatorAttention to detail is critical in each step of our Tempe pest control service.  Addressing each area of our service reduces the need and exposure risk of pesticide sprays.  Consumers benefit from a pest control Tempe Az service that provides total eradication and long term protection.

Bills Tempe Pest Control provides chemical-free heat treatments for bed bugs, roaches, ticks, fleas, and termites.  For more information about pest control, Tempe Az services give us a call.

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Best Pest Control Tempe Az
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Garrett Q via Kudzu

Watched the neighbors dog and got fleas. Hired Bill’s Pest and they were on top of the problem before it got worse. Great Service

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