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German Cockroach Pest Control Phoenix Az – Got German roaches? If so, you’re not alone.  We can help today! Everyday we field dozens of calls requesting German Cockroach Pest Control services. This pest has been a problem in the Phoenix area for decades. German Cockroach Infestation. #1 German Roach Exterminator Phoenix Az.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoGerman cockroaches are one of the most common roaches found in apartments, homes, restaurants, and hotels. Given these pests excellent hitchhiking abilities it’s no wonder that they can be found in so many locations.  Most infestations start with a single roach or egg capsule hidden within clothing, luggage, boxes and/or packages. Restaurant infestations often start when they receive infested food or paper items.

If you need German Cockroach Pest Control services, we can help! Call today for a free inspection & evaluation. German Roaches.

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phoenix german roach controlLarge infestations will produce a foul odor. Experienced exterminators can detect this odor immediately upon entering infested areas. Like most Arizona pests they need a constant moisture and food source.  When they find these conditions conducive, they adapt to the environment and rapidly reproduce.

Long term relief requires removing conditions conducive. Without this and proper sanitation total eradication is nearly impossible.  Sanitation measures are critical in controlling German roaches. German roaches can be a serious health hazard in restaurants.

All it takes is bringing in one egg capsule added with conditions conducive and in six months you will have an infestation.

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german roach exterminator phoenix azGerman roaches are mainly seen during the night. If you see these types of cockroaches during the day, there is a substantial infestation present. They also leave excrement droppings that look like black pepper. It is important to take note of the location of the excrement to treat in these areas, however, remove it with a vacuum cleaner as soon as possible. The bacteria from these excrement droppings have been known to trigger asthma and allergies.

Most German roach infestations are centered around kitchens and bathrooms.

Effective German Cockroach Pest Control is not your average do-it-yourself project. Using strong pesticides can provide temporary relief, however it will only make the problem worse in the long run.  Using strong pesticides can cause more harm to people and pets.

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roach exterminatorWhen it comes to German cockroach pest control consumers are best served seeking help from a professional.  Hiring an experienced exterminator can save consumers a lot of frustration, time, money and needless exposure to harsh chemicals.

Bills Pest Control provides affordable German cockroach pest control services throughout Metropolitan Phoenix Arizona.  Our services are safe, effective and designed to provide long-term relief.  Most services include a renewable warranty, so our customers can have peace of mind.  Let us help you find relief from German roaches. How to control German roaches.

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We started using Bill’s pest 9 years ago after several of our kitchens were infested with roaches from a supplier. Bill’s was discrete and professional. Since that initial problem Bill’s has kept us roach free.

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German Roaches suck

Moved into our new home and discovered roaches in our kitchen. Within an hour of our call Loretta was blasting away. We are happy with the service and not having roaches.