Cockroaches How to get rid of – Studies show that roaches are the insect humans dislike most. (Followed by mosquitoes, rats, wasps and rattlesnakes.) Nearly three out of four people surveyed consider roaches ”really ugly,” more than 60 percent concur with the statement ”Seeing cockroaches makes my skin crawl,” and a clear majority would like every last roach wiped off the face of the earth. Roach exterminator Phoenix Az.

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Arizona is home to several types of cockroaches in assorted colors and sizes. Arizona cockroaches are oval, flattened insects which have a pair of appendages on the rear of their abdomen called cerci. These appendages are covered with hairs which sense the tiniest breeze. They help the cockroach detect and flee from danger.

The most common and largest cockroach found in Arizona is our famous sewer roach the American cockroach. Sewer roaches can reach sizes up to 2+ inches long and are chestnut or reddish-brown in color. Sewer roaches, as their name implies, live in sewers where they build up to high numbers. They may make their way into houses through drains, so covering and closing all drains helps prevent them. Increased activity is reported by homeowners during bi-annual City of Phoenix sewer sprays.

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cockroachesBrown-banded and German cockroaches are commonly found inside Phoenix area homes. German cockroach are about 5/8 inch long and pale yellowish brown with two darker stripes running lengthwise on the top of their body. Female German roaches carry eggs in cases (Ootheca) which resemble large “pills” at the end of their abdomen. Left untreated German roach infestation can grow out of control quickly. German roaches can easily be transported to new homes inside cardboard boxes, appliances, electronics and clothes. Brown-banded cockroaches are about 5/8 inch long with light yellowish-brown bands encircling the front of their body and across their wings.

Turkestan cockroaches have become more common around the exterior of Phoenix area homes. Males are winged, light yellowish-brown and about an inch long. Female Turkestan roaches have shortened oval wings, and are black with cream-colored markings on the wings and thorax. When populations are high they have been known to infest inside homes. Males fly to lights at night. Nymphs are brown in front and black behind, and are the stage seen most often. Cleaning up wood piles, and other debris helps keep numbers down. Also, geckos are apparently good predators of these roaches. Sanitation and insecticidal baits can be helpful for controlling cockroaches.

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phoenix exterminatorsOriental Cockroaches are about 1 inch long, solid dark brown to black and have wings that cover ¾ of their bodies. Oriental roaches do not fly. They prefer wet, cool environments. They are often found in sewers, basements, drains around pipes, and in wall voids. Roaches carry viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans and other nasty things. Regardless of the species all cockroaches are hazardous to your health and should be eliminated when found inside your home or business. Phoenix Pest Control Services.

Bills Pest technicians are trained and experience to quickly identify every species of cockroaches found in Arizona and prescribe a safe treatment designed to eliminate roach infestations.

Fiction: Cockroaches are afraid of light.

Fact: Although some species prefer darkness and others are attracted to light, roaches scatter when a light is turned on because of their detection abilities and fear of human presence. In fact, their anal cerci alert them to the change in air movement when someone enters a room and they start running before the light is turned on.

Fiction: Cockroaches eat all the time and have to search for food constantly.

Fact: Roaches can live for one month without food. However, they only last one week without water. That’s why their harborage usually is located in moist areas or near a water source.

Fiction: Cockroaches are cleaner than people.

Fact: Their grooming habits have been over-hyped recently, but cockroaches still carry a lot of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic materials. Consider what they eat, spit on a phone, skin cells left behind on a fingerprint, soap, paper, glue, rotting materials, their own droppings, other insects or one another. Cockroaches mark their harborage areas with vomit and feces, contaminate food and surfaces, and slough off cuticle debris that triggers asthma. They might be cleaner than some people, but one still doesn’t want to live near them.

Fiction: Electronic roach control systems work

Fact: They provide a nice warm harborage area for cock roaches.

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We had cockroaches overrunning our rental units. It was so bad it seemed like something straight out of a B horror movie.  With just 4 visits the roaches were gone.  Great job by the pros at Bill’s.  We recommend all their services because they know what they are doing!

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