Termidor Treatment vs Premise Termite Control

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Termidor Treatment vs Premise Termite Control

Termidor Treatment vs Premise Termite Control – Which is best? – Termidor Treatment vs. Premise Termite Control has been an ongoing question from consumers concerned about getting the best possible protection for their homes.  Both are good products. Both will work well in the right situation. The key is finding a professional termite control professional that has the experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice. Let us help you do the right thing in the Termidor treatment vs. Premise Termite Control question.

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“Which is better for termite control in Phoenix Arizona – Termidor or Premise?” bills pest control phoenix

Termidor Treatment vs Premise Termite Control

Which is better for your termite treatment?  When it comes to termite control Phoenix, Termidor and Premise are the top termiticides used by local exterminators. For over a decade the debate has raged which one is better? Termidor? Premise? Most Phoenix exterminators swear allegiance to one or the other and naturally claim the product they use is the best.

Bills Pest Termite Control Phoenix uses both products and has over a decade of real-world experience treating homes infested with Arizona termites. Both products have been extensively evaluated for all types of Arizona termites in varying soil types, environments, and conditions.

When properly mixed, handled, and applied both products provide effective termite control Phoenix protection. Neither product is better than the other in every situation and for every termite species. Unfortunately for homeowners, there is not a “silver bullet” termiticide that works for all types of termites in every situation.

Arizona Termites in Phoenix

Subterranean termites, both Heterotermes and Reticulitermes are the most prevalent species invading homes in Metro Phoenix (below 2000ft). The majority of calls for termite treatment services involve one or the other species. The information discussed in this blog entry is unique to these types of termites only. Active Phoenix termite treatment methods and termiticide usage will vary by species.

TermidorThe active ingredients in Termidor (Fipronil) and Premise (Imidacloprid) are the newest generations of termiticides. Both systemic products, when properly mixed are not detected by termites and upon exposure slowly attack the central nervous system.

Exterminators using Termidor will argue that Premise works too fast (7-10 days) and may not kill the entire colony. Exterminators using Premise will claim Termidor takes too long to kill the colony (30-90 days), and homeowners are subject to additional damage. Both arguments are less than accurate. Imidacloprid is the most widely used insecticide in the world and Fipronil is used by more termite exterminators in the United States.

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Soil types vary dramatically across the United States. Both products can deliver different results depending upon soil type. Termidor typically works better in moist soil types while Premise provides better results in drier soil types. In Arizona (below 4000ft) the soil type is typical “Arizona clay soil.” Compared to Termidor, Premise moves very well in clay soil types, providing homeowners with larger protection barriers around and under their home than Termidor.

Premise leeches under house foundations and abutting slabs where subterranean termites nest. Using the same amount of product and injecting blue dye for tracking purposes our testing reveals protective barriers twice the size of Termidor. Given the foraging nature of both termite species (Heterotermes and Reticulitermes) having a larger and continuous protective barrier provides for better long-term protection.

Termite Control Phoenix

Getting a complete termite treatment is only half the battle. Using an effective product that will provide years of protection can save a homeowner from spending hard-earned money on termite treatment services every few years. In Arizona clay soil (below 4000ft) Termidor provides an average of 8-12 years of effective residual protection. Premise 75 provides 10-15 years of average residual. The lower (first) number is typically open areas that are exposed to the elements. The higher (second) number is for areas under concrete slabs. These areas are not subject to the elements and provide almost clinical protection.

Both products are applied around your home at the same rate of 4 gallons per 10 treatable linear feet. This rate is regulated by the EPA and state law. Properly treating area homes may require 100s of gallons of termiticide and potential exposure to your family and pets. When it comes to product safety Premise (Imidacloprid) is a safer product.

Premise 75 Termite Treatment

Premise Termite TreatmentSince Imidacloprid is efficacious at very low levels, it can be applied at lower concentration levels than other insecticides including Fipronil. The EPA and WHO list Imidacloprid (Premise) as moderately toxic with an “unlikely carcinogen” rating. Fipronil (Termidor) also has a moderately toxic and “possible carcinogen” rating from the same agencies. The LD50 rating (dose required to kill half the population of test rats) is considerably lower for Fipronil. Meaning it takes a smaller amount of Fipronil to kill more test rats.

When dealing with native species (Heterotermes) and Eastern Subterranean termite (Reticulitermes) infestations in Phoenix, using Premise (Imidacloprid) provides effective termite elimination in most cases. Exceptions to this will be for varying soil types, surrounding environment, and homes with irrigation services.

Premise moves very well in most soil types, and that is not always an advantage. Homes with irrigation services where large volumes of water are regularly introduced around the home can dilute Premise and cause the product to move away from home. Termidor is a better choice for long-term protection for homes with irrigation services and subject to great moisture.

Termite Treatment Phoenix

Pricing for Premise per gallon has traditionally been a bit lower.

Both Premise and Termidor offer little in protection if not handled or mixed properly. The effectiveness of both products hinges on exposure and the inability of termites to detect their presence. Neither product should be mixed with any other pesticide(s). The slightest contamination will make the product detectable to foraging termites and cause them to avoid treated areas. Mixing Premise with Termidor will neutralize both products, just as applying either product to soil recently treated with the other termiticide.

Mixing containers should remain sterile and not used for other pesticides. The majority of termite treatment failures involving Premise and Termidor can be traced to applicators using chemical tanks for multiple pesticides and weed services. Service vehicles used for pest or weed control applications should not be used for termite treatment services.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix exterminator specializing in the detection and elimination of all types of Arizona termites. For more information about Termidor Treatment vs Premise Termite Control call us.

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