Termidor not working

Termidor not working

Termite Treatment quoteTermidor not working? Still got Arizona termites? Why is Termidor not working is a question we hear from homeowners across the valley frequently.  Often the reasons for failure are evident. Sometimes not so much.  Termidor can be a good product when used correctly and by a professional exterminator.  Are there better choices? Sometimes. Bills Pest Termite Control – Arizona’s Termite Experts.

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“Termidor is not the silver bullet that many would have you believe.”

bills pest termite control phoenix az logoTermidor not working? Every day unsuspecting homeowners are left with the impression that Termidor is the “silver bullet” of termite control and the only product that eliminates Arizona termite infestations. Termite salespeople are trained to promote Termidor.  “It’s the best!”  The bottom line is that most salesman work on commission. Don’t believe everything a salesman tells you.

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Unfortunately, most termite sales people have little treatment experience and knowledge as to how Termidor works and why it can (and often does) fail. Almost daily we receive phone calls from concerned consumers about Termidor not working. Compounding the problem is advertisers in years past spent a lot of money promoting their product to generate sales.

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Is Termidor the best termiticide to use in Arizona? Sometimes, but not always. Termidor is a good product and will eliminate termites when properly mixed and applied.  The key to success and failure is mixture, application, and consideration of the environment.

Is Termidor the best product for Arizona Termites?

Termidor treatmentTermidor is applied like any other termite chemical, it is mixed with water and is applied to the soil around your home. According to the manufacturer, Termidor (active ingredient – fipronyl) works as a “cell degenerator” and therefore has a slow killing effect on the termites – usually 90 days. It is passed off to the other termites through “lipophilic” or “through the skin” contact and is translocated around the colony network by the termites and body to body contact. No feeding is necessary as is the case with bait systems. Because Termidor works in such a slow manner, we recommend subsequent follow-up inspections to ensure that it is functioning properly. The colony elimination properties of Termidor have not yet been proven in the United States.

Termidor is considered a non-repellant in that termites do not detect its presence. Non-detection is essential to the success of Termidor. Repellant type termiticides will (initially) kill termites on contact; however, Arizona termites will eventually work around and avoid treated locations.

Do Termidor Treatments fail?

Termidor HE ReviewsThe majority of Termidor failures can be traced to product placement and improper mixture. Termidor will not function unless the target pest comes in contact with it. Creating a continuous Termidor barrier around and under your home is critical. Treating plumbing voids and hidden stress cracks are important.  When termite infestations persist after treating all access points, it’s time to look at how the batch of Termidor not working was mixed.

The key to Termidor’s success is the non-repellant aspect…termites do not detect its presence.  Termidor should only be mixed in a clean tank that has not been used for any other chemical. No other products should be combined with Termidor. Tanks previously used to apply other chemicals will contaminate Termidor and allow termites to detect and evade the treatment barrier.

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arizona's termite expertsIf a home has been previously treated for termites, it’s important to investigate what product was used, where and how long ago.  Introducing Termidor over the top of an existing termiticide can neutralize the product(s) and be a waste of hard earned dollars.  Arizona termites have the ability to detect the presence of many chemicals and will actively forage around treated areas.

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Termidor not working
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