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Arizona Termite Protection Plan Phoenix Az

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Free termite treatment quoteArizona Termite Protection Plan Phoenix Az – Metropolitan Phoenix is considered by many to be the termite capital of the United States.  Most who have lived in the Phoenix area are aware of the threat that termites pose. Spring rains, mild winter temperatures and a wet Monsoon Season make ideal conditions for all types of termites.  Given that termites will feast on the wood that holds most structures together having an Arizona termite protection plan in Phoenix Az can be a good investment.

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It’s often repeated that it’s not a question of if, rather it’s more of a question when termites will invade. Arizona is home to over 17 different types of termites.  A structure can be invaded from above ground, below ground, vial flight, or unknowingly brought in while hidden within infested items like furniture.  Our transient way of life has resulted in the introduction of new species of termites and/or wood-boring insects into Arizona.

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Having a good termite protection plan can pay for itself.  Termites are cryptic and often difficult to detect.  In fact, most infestations are not discovered until the resulting damage is uncovered.  By then repair costs can be expensive.  Damage repair costs can easily be 2-5 times the cost of a good Arizona termite protection plan in Phoenix Az.

Not all termites in Arizona are the same. Depending upon the species they can nest under a home’s foundation, or within the wood they infest.  Still, other species will nest in the back or front yard.  Given the differences in each species, it takes a trained and experienced termite inspector to detect the subtle signs of infestation.  Active termite infestations can go undetected for months, years, and decades.

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arizona termite planHaving a good termite protection plan can be an early warning to a problem.  Yearly inspections can uncover a new infestation before any damage.  Correcting conditions conducive to infestation can be the difference in a future problem.

Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s hometown exterminator. We are experts at detecting and eliminating termite infestations. Bill’s has been providing termite protection plans throughout Arizona for over three generations.  Our services are safe, effective, and affordable.  For peace of mind, most services include a renewable warranty. So, if the bugs come back, we come back.

If you suspect a problem with termites is just wanting to ensure against infestation give us a call today.  We can dispatch a trained professional to evaluate your situation and then provide expert advice.

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Termite Protection Phoenix Az
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When we bought our home 11 years ago it included a termite protection plan from Bill’s termite.  Bill’s sends an inspector out every year to check our property for critters.  When they find a problem they eradicate and if they see a problem area the let us know to correct it.  Great service and people.

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