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New Construction Termite Treatment – Protecting homes from termite damage is serious business. Consumers spend billions every year on damage repairs and treatment services. It’s no secret that termites can be found just about anywhere in Arizona. In fact, the Grand Canyon State is considered by many to be the “Termite Capital of the United States.” Arizona is home to at least 17 different species including one of the most destructive found in North America. #1 New Construction Termite Service – Bills Pest Termite Control.

“When it comes to homes in Phoenix we have homes that have termites and those that will have them soon.”

With all this in mind consumers are best served protecting structures against almost certain attack from termites. When constructing a new structure getting a continuous barrier under the foundation can provide years of protection. New Construction Termite Treatment services are often referred to as “Pre-treats.”

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new construction termite serviceNew Construction Termite Treatment services are started during the initial phase of construction. Treating the soil with a good termiticide before the foundation is poured is the first step in protecting a structure. Pretreatments are not required. They are recommended by professional exterminators. Some financial institutions and lenders may require this service as a condition of granting a loan.

Pretreatments are generally a two-step process. The soil under the foundation is treated prior to pouring the foundation. While this is usually done in one application it can take multiple trips for large foundations that are poured separately. The second step involves the final grade treatment. This service is done after the structure is completed. Final grade treatments involve establishing a continuous barrier around the outside of the foundation.

One of the difficulties of pre-construction treatments is that the timing must be coordinated with the builder.  Bills Pest Termite Control works closely with contractors and builders to effectively perform pre-construction termite treatments. This close working relationship ensures a complete treatment with long term protection.

Depending on the type of construction, budget and the builder’s time constraints along with deadlines, there are several types of pre-construction pre-treatments options available; Liquid pre-treatments and BORA-CARE pre-treatments.

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Important Tip: The initial New Construction Termite Treatment should be done within 24 hours of pouring the foundation.  Areas disturbed should be retreated prior to pouring the concrete foundation.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts.  Family owned and locally operated we specialize in protecting Arizona structures from termites.  If you are building a new home or structure in Arizona don’t just hire any exterminator hire the best – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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