Premise 75 or Termidor – On a daily basis we receive calls from consumers wanting to know if Premise 75 or Termidor is the best product to get rid of termites.  The readers digest version, and pertaining specifically to the lower elevations of Arizona such as Metropolitan Phoenix is both are good products when used in the right situation.

“Selecting the best product to eliminate termites is not that difficult.”

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Termidor or Premise 75

Premise 75 or Termidor ? The distributors of Premise and Termidor have gone head to head like heavy weight boxing champions for more than a decade…each claiming their product is better. Both release scientific findings to support claims of supremacy.  Interestingly both active ingredients were invented by Scientists at Bayer Corporation the maker of Premise 75.  In fact the patent is still held by Bayer, though distribution rights are currently held by BASF.

Almost daily we receive calls from consumers wanting to know which product is better…Premise 75 or Termidor? Bills Pest Termite Control is a registered user of both products. We’ve treated over 30,000 structures using either Premise or Termidor. Our findings are based on real world experience here in Arizona.  It is important to understand that the soil in Metro Phoenix is unique when compared to other parts of the country. A termiticide that works well in the moist soil(s) of Florida might not function as well in Phoenix and vice versus.

Termite Control Phoenix

Our experience and years of supportive data shows Premise 75 or Termidor kill our native (Arizona) subterranean termites very effectively. We give Premise a slight edge eliminating termite colonies in approximately 7-10 days versus 30-90 days for Termidor. In human terms this difference might seem important but not so in the termite world. Our native species termite is much smaller in size as is their colonies when compared to other types of termites.

Bills Pest Termite Control tracks service calls to retreat a home (Retreat Rate). Neither product reflects an edge both are around 1%. Premise and Termidor seem to last an average of 7 years before requiring a retreat (Phoenix area). Premise appears to have a slight edge in residual lasting almost two years longer in our Arizona soil.

In the area of safety, Premise 75 is a clear winner with an LD 50 (Lethal dose) rating of 450 versus Termidor’s 59. Translation: it takes 450 doses of Premise and only 59 doses of Termidor to kill the average lab rat.

Imidacloprid or Fipronil

Now that the patent on Imidacloprid (active ingredient in Premise) has expired, more chemical distributors are offering their version of Premise driving down the price. Premise is currently running 40% less in cost than Termidor, a savings passed on to the consumer.  The production patent on Termidor recently expired opening the door to generic versions of this product reaching the marketplace.  Watch for falling Termidor prices.

Premise moves well in our Arizona clay soil using the same amount of product; Premise will cover an area approximately three times that of Termidor. This is important when you consider the foraging nature of Arizona termites.

If your home has primarily desert landscaping around the foundation using Premise will offer better protection.

With the different products now available for termite control and the differences in home construction it’s important that every home be inspected and evaluated by a trained professional to determine the most useful product and method to control termites. For more information about Premise 75 or Termidor give us a call.

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Premise 75 or Termidor Treatment
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We had two homes serviced for termites on the same property.  The home that was serviced with termidor has had 6 service calls in the last 3 years. The home with Premise 75 has had one service call in 7 years.  Premise has been better for us in Arizona.

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