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phoenix termidor treatment

Termite Treatment quotePhoenix Termidor Treatment – Homeowners have many options when it comes to selecting a Phoenix Termidor Treatment exterminator.

Providing termite control services in Arizona requires testing and licensing from the State of Arizona. A few Phoenix Termidor Treatment companies offer “in-house” training, while most send new hires to local training schools, that (for a fee) provide the necessary information to pass our state mandated examination. This training has little real world application and is centered on Arizona rules and regulations.

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termidor treatment phoenixBeing a Phoenix Termidor Treatment exterminator is hard, dirty work. It takes a rugged individual to work under the Arizona sun when its 115 degrees, drilling concrete and hand trenching soil. As a result turn-over rates for termite exterminators can be high. Finding an experienced termite exterminator can be a challenge.

During the recent construction boom, large numbers of pest control companies began offering termite services to make a fast buck. Almost overnight exterminators offering termite services seem to double. Competition created pest control operators offering “full treatments” for half the cost of the chemical needed to complete a full treatment. Ten and fifteen year warranties were included. Interestingly, few termiticides are effective in our Arizona soil more than seven years in the most ideal conditions. If history is any indication…when termite companies begin offering 10-15 year warranties they have a tendency to go out of business within a year or two. Leaving any warranty worthless.

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Other short cuts include “no drill treatments,” outside only treatments, spot, and foam treatments. These methods can offer short term solutions, however when you understand the nature, and habits of our native species subterranean termites…it’s like putting a bandage on a bleeding artery.

What you should know about a good Phoenix Termidor treatment

Prior to treating any home for termites…it’s important to do a thorough inspection to identifying the species of infesting termites and pin-pointing all areas of infestation. A good termite treatment provides a continuous protection barrier along the foundation of your home. Abutting slabs should be drilled, allowing high volumes of termiticide to be injected underneath. It’s critical that all abutting slabs be treated…as they provide termite’s moisture and shelter from the Arizona sun. Treating only expansion joints does not allow the volume of termiticide needed to achieve long term protection. Spacing on drill holes should be no less than 14 inches and no more than 18 inches. Holes to close will limit the volume of termiticide (diminishing residual) and to far apart may not provide a continuous barrier. Holes drilled through concrete are required to be sealed pursuant to Arizona rules and regulations.

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Exposed expansion joints such as found inside garages should be treated by drilling through the slab and injecting termiticide. Known interior stress cracks offer direct access to your home for termites and should also be treated.

Areas along the exterior foundation (without abutting slabs) should be trench approximately 4-6 inches deep. When all obstructions are cleared the trenches should be filled with termiticide. After the termiticide soaks into the soil the trenches should be back filled. Back filled soil should also be treated.

“The label is the law in Arizona.” Almost all termiticides approved in Arizona require the termite applicator to apply 4 gallons per 10 linear feet of treatment area. Homeowners can measure the areas of treatment; multiply the number of feet treated by .4 to ensure the proper amount of termiticide was applied.

Example: The area around your foundation and inside the garage is 360 feet, (x.4= proper gallons) times .4 equals 144 gallons

Homeowners should ensure the termiticide is properly mixed prior to application. Diluted termiticides offer savings on chemical costs while diminishing long term effectiveness. Application tanks that have contained other products should be triple-rinsed to avoid neutralizing/contaminating the termiticide.

When it comes to Arizona termites, Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts. We provide safe effective, Phoenix Termidor treatment services for your home or business at affordable rates. Our service technicians are among the most experienced in Arizona and personally trained by Bill (Arizona’s Termite man). Bills Pest Termite Control specializes in eliminating all species of Arizona termites found in the Sonoran Desert. We are the experts that the competition recommends when they cannot control a termite infestation or encounter a problem beyond their resources.

Bills Pest Termite Control provides free termite inspections and second opinions. For more information about Phoenix termidor treatment services give us a call.

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