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The Best Ant Pest Control in Mesa Az

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Got ants? We can help! Get affordable Ant pest control Mesa Az services today from the experts – Bills Mesa Ant Control Service provides safe, effective, and affordable ant elimination services. #1 Mesa Ant Exterminator – Bills Ant Control

Ant pest control Mesa Az services are in demand.  In fact, these small pests generate the most calls for exterminator service(s) in the east valley.  More calls than termites, scorpions, and snakes combined.  It can be difficult to eradicate so many exterminators shy away from taking these calls or charge discouragingly high rates.  Inexperienced exterminators easily get frustrated at being called back to the same home daily only to see the problem getting worse.

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mesa ant pest controlIn fact, one out of every 3 ant pest control calls we receive comes from frustrated consumers who have paid for service(s) that are not getting the job done.

“Don’t let their size fool you…ants can be difficult to eliminate.” 

Ants in Mesa Arizona are among if not…the most abundant, conspicuous, and ecologically insects found in the east valley.  They live in large well-organized colonies.  Generally, they build nests underground; however, they have been known to nest in structures when conditions are ideal.

Ants perform an amazing diversity of activities and are important scavengers, predators, herbivores, and granivores (seed-eaters) in Mesa. Believe it or not…they serve a useful purpose and are not here to harass your household. Worker ants are readily identified by their lack of wings, bent antennae, and the presence of a petiole (a small segment that separates most of the abdomen from the rest of the body).

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ant pest control mesa azMost ants in Mesa Az are active during the warmer parts of the year (late winter through early fall). They can be active both at night and during the day, depending on the time of year, weather, and outside temperatures. Arizona is home to over 335 different types of ants giving it the highest diversity of these pests in the United States. Fortunately, not every species is be found in Mesa Az.  Not all species are native to the desert so it’s not unusual to discover a new type imported from anywhere in the world.

Most of us don’t give ants a second thought…that is until they invade our living space.  It’s not uncommon to suddenly discover hundreds of these critters crawling across the floor or a countertop.  When that happens it’s game on. Outcomes the cans of raid or whatever pesticide we can get our hands on immediately.

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While this is tempting and may provide a temporary feeling of satisfaction…this approach may make the problem worse!

As mentioned before ants live in well-organized colonies.  Individual ants have specific jobs and they must be performed in order for the colony as a whole to thrive.

Spraying Raid or other strong pesticides will kill the critters…but not all at the same time.  Depending upon the species…when colonies sense a loss they immediately switch into reproduction mode to replace their loss.  Homeowners are left with a false sense of security when they no longer see hoarding packs of ants.  Meanwhile, the colony is rebuilding, getting larger than ever, and ready to mount another offensive.

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This cycle will continue throughout the pest season unless the homeowner changes tactics.  Hiring just any exterminator may not provide relief, especially if they continue with the same plan of attack.

Professional Ant exterminators typically use a multi-step approach to eradicating these little monsters.  Starting with a thorough inspection it’s important to properly identify the invading species.  This helps to select the right combination of products and baits that are most effective for a specific species.

Locating all nesting areas is critical to determining product placement.  Identifying and correcting conditions conducive to nesting will dramatically reduce the need for strong pesticides.

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Eliminating and/or sealing entry points to a home will reduce the need for pesticide applications inside a home.  Correcting or stopping access to food sources is every bit as important as each step in the process to eliminate the critters from your home.

Periodic application(s) and inspection(s) are essential to providing homeowners with long term relief.

For more information about Ant pest control Mesa Az services, or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call.

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We’ve been using Bill’s Pest Control for the last 16 years. Summer is fantastic and really knows how to eradicate ants. We had her come out last week and spray the entire backyard so we could have our family reunion. Not one ant for the entire weekend. Thanks Summer and Bill’s Pest Control.

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