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“The best protection against destruction is a termite inspection.”

Termites… a word most homeowners really do not want to hear, nor do they want to lose sleep worrying if and when they will come under attack. Mesa is home to all 17 species of Arizona termites. In fact the most destructive termite species found in North America thrives in Mesa Arizona. Everyday 1000s of homes come under attack from at least one species. Many of these will go years without any hint of infestation. By then it may be too late. Mesa termites are destructive, creating 1000s of dollars worth of damage seemingly overnight. Homes with termite damage can lose re-sale value and be difficult to sell. Needless to say the termite inspection Mesa Az business is healthy and like any healthy industry the level of service runs from downright criminal to excellent.Depending upon the species termites in Mesa can invade a home from the exterior along the stem wall, fly in from outside areas, be imported or tunnel in from underground. All Mesa termites share the need to feed on cellulose (wood) products. Douglas Fir type wood that is used to construct homes provides the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy colony. Beyond that each species is somewhat unique. Physical, color and colony size varies by species as does the method of infestation. Western Dry wood termites usually invade via flight, have little contact with the soil and nest within the wood they infest. Damp wood termites prefer to nest in moist areas in the soil and feed on wood in direct contact with the soil. Native subterranean termites such as Heterotermes typically nest under a concrete slab and invade a home via stress cracks and expansion joints. Eastern subterranean termites typically build dirt tunnels along the outside foundation leading up through the J-trim into framing wood. Desert type termites will attack wood in contact with the soil and build protective sheets of mud around their food source.

While some types of are more common than others…it’s important that consumers understand not all termites in Mesa are the same. Just as there are differences in termites…not all Mesa exterminators are the same. Most homeowners and consumers have seen termite tubes on a stem wall and correctly associate that with termites. Few Mesa exterminators are able to distinguish Dry wood termite pellets from cricket droppings, or recognize a termite kick hole. It takes a trained and experience exterminator to detect the subtle signs of infestation by one of our less common species of Mesa termites. Most exterminators in Mesa are only familiar with the more common termite species and often miss infestations. This can be a costly mistake. Consumers are cautioned to find a trained/experienced inspector when selecting a termite inspection Mesa Az service.

Do you need a WDIIR Inspection ReportGiven the reputation of termites in Mesa it is understandable that a homeowner wants to be proactive and protect their investment. Proactive is good…to a degree. Preventative type termite treatments are not usually a good investment. Just as each termite species is different…so are the effective treatment methods. Paying $1000s of hard earned dollars for a preventative soil treatment around your home provides little protection and leaves a homeowner with a false sense of security. Unfortunately, there is not one type of treatment that provides 100% protection against all types of termites in Mesa.

A better proactive approach is to get a yearly Mesa termite inspection from an experienced exterminator familiar with all types of Mesa termites. If, and when an infestation is found get a complete treatment tailored to the invading species, the construction style of your home and surrounding environment. A good Mesa termite inspector will be able to point out conditions around your home that are conducive to infestation and offer corrective suggestions. Eliminating nesting and feeding opportunities often yields better results than spraying hundreds of gallons worth of pesticides in hope of keeping 1 of 17 different types of termites away. Professional termite inspectors in Mesa recommend that every home be inspected at least once a year. Homes that have a history or have been recently serviced should also be checked at least once a year to ensure the treatment is working and/or that another species has not invaded.

If you’re considering buying any home in Mesa getting a termite inspection report is a must. A good termite inspection report should provide a buyer with all the termite related information they need to make the right buying decision. The termite inspection report is more than a “this house has or does not have termites.” Evidence of termite damage, history, existing warranties and conditions conducive to future infestation(s) is just as important. Discovering hidden structural damage or a large termite infestation can be a real bummer after taking possession of your “Dream Home.”

When the seller accepts a buyer’s proposal to purchase a 10 day inspection period begins. Meaning the buyer must complete all inspections including the termite report or risk losing their down payment. Consumers are advised to order the termite inspection report immediately so as to provide time for obtaining additional information and/or completing follow up inspections. The buyers should review the entire 3 page report as important information may be buried within.

Homebuyers interests are best served when the hire their own Mesa termite inspector. Less experienced and reputable exterminators market their service to realtors and title companies to generate business. These inspectors have little experience and offer a very attractive price. In return consumers get a quick walk thru, a completed report and a huge potential for future problems. A simple internet search can yield a professional with the necessary experience. Using the home inspector to complete a termite inspection report can be a recipe for disaster. Hiring experience and knowledge from a reputable Mesa exterminator that will stand behind their service is a wise investment.

Bills Mesa Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing complete pest control services for your home or business. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other Mesa Exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Termite Control provides Mesa termite inspection reports for real estate transactions, free yearly inspections and second opinions. All Mesa Termite Inspection reports are computer completed, easy to read and electronically available on the day of inspection. Bills Termite Control Mesa has been a trusted exterminator for three generations. That trust brings peace of mind that Bills Mesa Termite Control will stand behind every service and put our customers first. For more information about termite inspection Mesa Az services give us a call today. Termite Treatment Mesa Az.

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