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Get bed bug help todayExpert Bed Bug Inspection Mesa Az – Chances are you stumbled across this page while searching some form of bed bug inspection Mesa, Az and you, or someone you know might have a problem with bed bugs.  If that’s the case…your not alone.  The bed bugs epidemic that started years ago in New York City has been a growing problem in Metro Phoenix.  Every year for the past five calls for bed bug related service(s) have doubled.  Residents of Mesa Arizona have not been immune to this modern day pest plague. #1 Mesa Bed Bug Exterminator.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoGetting rid of these micro sized blood sucking insects is typically not a do-it-yourself project.  Successful eradication should start with a thorough bed bug inspection.  Pin pointing areas of infestation, locating nesting areas and access points to humans is critical information needed to formulate the plan of attack.

“Calls for Mesa bed bug related services have surged in the last five years with no relief projected soon.”  

Not all bed bug inspection Mesa, Az services are equal and consumers should use caution when selecting an outfit to do business with.  Having a State of Arizona license and proper insurance seems like a no-brainer.  However several services that advertise “safe no chemical” alternatives are not licensed exterminators.  Other businesses advertise services in one name while renting a license from another business solely to provide bed bug services.  Consumers can review a business license and/or status by visiting the Office of Pest Management (Arizona) website.

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Phoenix bed bugsAfter getting over the license and insurance hurdle consumers should consider finding an experience bed bug exterminator.  These insects generally feed between midnight and 5AM before returning to hidden nesting areas.  Since most bed bug inspections happen during daylight hours few if any of these critters will be visible (unless the infestation is heavy).  An experienced inspector can detect the subtle signs of infestation without actually seeing the little monsters.

“When it comes to finding bed bugs…nothing beat the accuracy of a experienced professional exterminator.” 

Using sniffing dogs to locate bed bugs is a service offered in the Phoenix area.  While they can be a useful tool…that is all they should be used for.  Nationally, dogs have been proven to be less than 100% accurate and training standards are not required.  Human verification of infestation is recommended.

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Pest Control trained techniciansBills Pest Termite is your hometown exterminator and we provide FREE Bed Bug Inspection Mesa, Az services.  We have the experience to detect bed bugs and eradicate them with a number of proven treatment methods.  Our treatment methods are safe, effective and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty so you have peace of mind that if the critters come back…we come back. For more information about bed bug inspections or get schedule a free evaluation give us a call today.

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Bed Bug Exterminator Mesa Az

Expert Bed Bug Inspection Mesa, Az
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