Termite Treatment Mesa Az – Need termite treatment Mesa Az exterminator services? If so you’re not alone. Mesa is Arizona’s third largest city and like its neighbor to the north shares a national reputation for having destructive termites. All 17 species of Arizona termites can be found throughout Mesa including the most destructive termite species found in North America.

It’s often said that there are only two kinds of houses in Mesa Arizona, those with a termite problem and those about to get them. Sooner or later almost every homeowner will need some Mesa termite treatment service. Most every home will have a need for termite treatment Mesa Az services.

“The biggest threat to any structure is Mesa Arizona is without doubt TERMITES!”

Every day hundreds of homes come under attack from Mesa termites. Even more frightening is that many of these infestations will go years, and maybe a decade before the resulting damage signals they are under attack. Give Mesa termites shelter from the Arizona sun, an ample water supply, and some wood to eat in a sheltered environment like your home, and they will thrive.  The demand for Termite Control Specialist has never been greater.

Homes in Mesa provide an abundance of the three essentials that termites need to thrive. Shelter, moisture and a food source (wood). Block and brick homes are not immune to attack. Homes with stored items and plants growing along the foundation provide nesting opportunities for colonies needing to stay out of direct sunlight and intense summer heat. Watering systems to promote plant growth are an excellent source of moisture. Food sources include wood that is on or in contact with the soil. Cellulose material including wood provides termite colonies with much-needed nutrients. Inside the typical home are wood framing, furniture, and drywall that termites can feast upon.

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As homeowners become aware of the threat termites pose it’s only natural that they want to devise a proactive plan. Getting a preventative treatment to stop termites before they attack is not that simple. Depending upon the species termites can attack from outside along a foundation, fly or be imported into a home, or tunnel in from underneath. Just as termite species are different so are the means to protect your home. Unfortunately, there is not one type of treatment that 100% protects a home from attack.

Consumers paying for preventative type services are only partially protected, may be needlessly exposed to harsh pesticides and left with a false sense of security. The best protection against termite destruction is to get a yearly Mesa termite inspections by an experienced exterminator familiar with all types of termites.

To avoid becoming another property damage statistic, it is recommended to call an experience Mesa exterminator. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, even though, they’re tiny, termites create more destruction annually than fires, storms and flooding combined. Bills Termite Treatment Mesa Az service provides free yearly Mesa termite inspections. Call us today @ 480.831.0544 or order online. We will dispatch an experienced inspector familiar with all types of termites found in Arizona.

termite control mesa azIt takes a trained and experienced termite inspector to detect all species of termites and recognize the signs of hidden damage. Almost all termite inspectors in Mesa are familiar with the more common native species subterranean termites…few have the experience to identify the presence of damp wood termites or Western Dry wood termites. Catching termites early in their infestation can save a home from significant structural damage.

Since not all termites in Mesa are the same, the methods used to eliminate them will vary by species. “Cookie-cutter” Mesa termites treatment services can be a waste of hard earned dollars and needless exposure to harsh chemicals. Consumers can get easily sidetracked in their efforts to get rid of termites by focusing on what product will the exterminator use.

Termites are sensitive and generally easy to kill. Even using the “best” product is of little value if it is not mixed and/or applied correctly. Application is critical. Even the cheapest product available and labeled for the particular species will provide better protection than the best product improperly used. In general all termiticides approved for use will kill termites. Differences in products are often the “mode of action.” To consumers that is how they kill termites. Educated consumers are more concerned with “will it kill them.” The simple answer is yes…all termiticides will kill the particular species it is labeled for. The important difference in products is residual. A cheaper product that lasts 10-15 years is a better value than paying for a “premium” product that only lasts 3-5 years.

In an ideal world, termites would only eat one variety of wood, and we could build our homes appropriately. It would merely be a matter of reducing wood in building construction or leaving little feed stations in the yard to keep termites off our home. However, termites also eat many other materials including drywall, furniture, carpet, paintings, baseboards, trim, books, and paper records. The end result of termite infestation is ultimately wood and property damage. Termites can cause entire structures to cave in. Apparently, by the time this happens, it’s already too late. It is a far better idea to get on the phone to a Mesa exterminator and have a termite inspection done to detect a problem before it gets worse.

Termite Inspection Mesa AzBecause of the level of damage they can cause, termites can be a costly and dangerous pest. Termites damage approximately half a million homes in the U.S. each year and cost anywhere from two to five billion dollars in repair costs for the damage. The average Mesa termite treatment runs between $500-$1000, depending upon the type of termites and size of the home. Termites can create that much in damage practically overnight. If you have, or suspect termites don’t panic the first step is to get a termite inspection by an experienced exterminator who can properly identify the invading termites and determine if a treatment is necessary.

Termites can never be eliminated, but they can be controlled and kept from damaging your home. A yearly inspection provides the best defense. Bills Termite Control Mesa has been a trusted name in termite control in Mesa for nearly three decades. Recommended by local realtors and title companies we are the experts other exterminators call when they encounter termite problems beyond their resources. We provide free yearly inspections, Mesa termite treatments, termite reports and second opinions.

Bills Termite Control is your hometown Mesa exterminator providing safe, effective services for your home or business at affordable rates. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a termite infestation beyond their resources. We provide free termite inspections, termite reports for the sale or purchase of a property, second opinions and estimates for termite control in Mesa. Safe, effective Mesa termite treatments for your home or business at affordable rates. We know Mesa Termites! For more information about Termite Treatment Mesa Az services give us a call today.

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