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Bills Pest Termite Control Exterminator LogoWoodpecker Removal Services Phoenix Az – Woodpeckers driving you nuts? Waking you up early in the morning? Stop this pest today with affordable Woodpecker removal services from the Valley’s experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  We provide expert residential and commercial solutions to Woodpecker problems.  If your experiencing problems with Woodpeckers give us a call today.  We provide free evaluations and estimates for Woodpecker Removal Services in the Phoenix Az area.

Arizona woodpeckers have sharp bills that they use to peck holes and cause exterior damage to homes and structures.  They also use these bills to drum.  Drumming is used to stake out territories and find mates.  Unfortunately drumming usually occurs at first light when most of us are still asleep.  Daily drumming at first light is enough to drive homeowners to consider drastic action.

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Woodpeckers drum for two reasons: to get food and to stake out their territory. Chances are if you’ve got drumming going on in the spring, it’s a woodpecker claiming his territory by battering your home—letting other woodpeckers know that your home is his turf. If the drumming continues throughout the summer, then the woodpecker is probably after something other than a mate, like another pest that’s using your siding as shelter.

Woodpecker Removal services are usually best when performed by an experienced professional.  Woodpeckers are a migratory non-game bird.  They are protected by State and Federal regulations.  Intentionally causing harm and/or killing Woodpeckers can lead to civil forfeitures. Trapping Woodpeckers requires a permit.

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Considering most woodpeckers are protected and the $500 fine that can accompany the wrongful death of these birds, it is in your best interests to handle a woodpecker problem as carefully as possible. Professional Woodpecker removal services have the skill and knowledge to remedy Woodpecker problems.

Bills Pest and Termite Control is Arizona’s Pest Experts.  Family owned and locally operated we have affordable solutions to Woodpecker problems that are designed to provide long term protection.  Most services include a renewable warranty, so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that if the pests come back, we come back. Phoenix Exterminators.

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Woodpecker Removal Services Phoenix Az
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  • Woodpecker Removal Services Phoenix Az


At last we found an exterminator that was able to get rid of the woodpeckers that were damaging our eaves and waking us up every morning at the crack of dawn. We recommend Bill’s Pest Control. They had a competitive price but even more important they were able to get the job done. Thanks to Bill’s we don’t have to leave our home to sleep in.

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Woodpecker Pest Removal

Thanks to Bill's I no longer have to hear the Woodpeckers at the crack of dawn. Great service