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Bed Bug Pest Control in ArizonaBed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az – Got bed bugs? We can help. Don’t let bed bugs take away your freedom to sleep in peace. Stop the bed bugs immediately with expert eradication from your hometown Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az service. Bills Pest Termite Control provides safe, effective and affordable pest elimination. Family owned and locally operated we are experts at removing Arizona pests from your home or business.

Reports of bed bug infestations have swept across the Valley. The demand for Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az exterminator services has increased every year for the last 15 years. What was once an occasional call for service has erupted into multiple calls every day. If you travel frequently and/or stay overnight away from home the chances of you bringing home an infestation dramatically increases.

These insects are wingless, oval shaped; often appear reddish brown, flat and usually 6mm in length. When they have not eaten that can appear pale brown in color. After recent feeding(s) they appear reddish brown to mahogany in color. New born insects (nymphs) are nearly colorless and do not take on color until after the first feeding.This menace is nocturnal and seldom seen during daylight hours unless the infestation is heavy. Most of their time is spent nesting in hidden areas often for days on end. A single bed bug will normally feed every 3-4 days.

Aside from live sightings, evidence of fecal marks near cracks and crevices on bed linen and frames can be signs of their presence. When sufficient numbers are present an unpleasant almond like odor can be detected in infested areas. If you suspect a problem it’s best to call an expert Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az service for a free inspection.

These critters are often carried from an infested area hidden in luggage, back packs, purses, second hand furniture or mattresses. Consumers are best served carefully inspecting these items.

If you suspect an infestation, DO NOT remove infested items from the room. If there is an infestation it can spread the insects to other rooms/areas. The use of insecticides is not recommended as if there is a problem; it will only make it worse. Call a professional Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az service for a free inspection.Consumers should use caution when dealing with bed bugs. Effectively getting rid of these pests requires finding an experienced bed bug exterminator. Bed bugs are not your average pest. Not all exterminators have the expertise to eradicate these insects.

Attempting to eradicate this pest on your own is not advised. While spraying strong pesticides can kill a number of these pests when properly applied this approach is not advised. Strong pesticides rarely reach nesting areas. Increased reproduction and the hatching of eggs will offset those killed in a matter of weeks. Bed Bugs, like their cousins German Roaches are known to grow resistant to strong pesticides.

Eliminate the stress call our Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix Az service for a free inspection and evaluation. Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminate. We are experts at removing Bed Bugs from your home or business. We offer an array of treatment methods ranging from the use of heat or cold to fumigation. If you have a problem with bed bugs we can help! Call Bills Pest Termite Control today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to sleeping in a pest free bedroom.

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