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Termite Treatment – Got termites? Get rid of them today with affordable termite treatment services from Arizona’s Termite Experts.  Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator.  We provide an array of exterminator services.  Call us today and get back to living pest free. Our services are safe and effective. Most include a renewable warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back!

“Arizona is home to some of the most destructive termites in North America.”

Need termite treatment services? Arizona is home to at least 17 species of termites and has a national reputation when it comes to termite infestations. Not all termites are the same nor should every termite treatment be “cookie cutter” in design. Even better news is that not all of these types of Arizona termites are a threat to your home.

If you have… or suspect termites don’t panic! The first step is to call the termite treatment experts at Bills Termite Control Phoenix. Our experienced inspectors have the experience to detect and identify all species of termites found in Arizona. If termites are found we will provide a detailed diagram of your home pin-pointing areas of infestation along with identifying all types of termites found.

The best defense against is a yearly inspection by an experienced exterminator. Preventative type applications are not usually recommended as termite treatment methods can vary depending upon the species. For example most subterranean species nest underground and treating the soil for these termites has little, if any impact on the airborne (flying termites) species of drywood or dampwood termites. So unless you can accurately predict which species will invade your home (and when) a preventative service can amount to throwing money into the wind.

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Termite ControlEven if your home has been recently serviced for termites it’s important to have yearly follow up inspections to ensure the protective barrier is working and that another species of termites has not invaded.

Native species Arizona termites (Heterotermes) and Eastern subterranean termites (Reticulitermes) account for the bulk of termite treatments in Arizona. Both species are subterranean, nest in the soil, and build shelter tubes between their nest and food sources. Native termites are unique to the Sonoran Desert and smaller in size when compared to their Eastern cousins. Native termites are more common at elevations below 4000 feet, build smaller tubes, and usually swarm during the fall monsoon season. Eastern subterranean termites are the dominate termite above 4000 feet, build larger tubes, swarm during the spring rains and are found across the country.

In general service methods for both species are similar. When treating for Native species it’s important to treat all accessible expansion joints, abutting slabs, stress and foundation cracks. Given the smaller physical size, native termites have a unique ability to invade homes via the smallest of entry points. With both species creating a continuous protective barrier around and under your home will provide the best defense against termite damage.

Just as not all termites are the same…not all termiticides are the same. In order to choose the most effective termiticide it’s important to properly identify the type of termite(s), determine the type of treatment, soil type (if necessary), and surrounding environment.

Bills Pest Termite Control  has been a trusted name in termite treatments for nearly three decades. We provide safe, effective termite treatment services for your home or business at affordable rates. Family owned and operated we are the Arizona termite experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter termite infestations beyond their resources. For more information about termite treatment services or to request a free inspection give us a call. Termite Treatment Phoenix.

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