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Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Termite Inspection Carefree Az experts.  Whether you need an inspection report for real estate, refinance, free yearly home inspection, second opinion or estimate for treatment services we can help.

“Consumers spend hard earned money on needless termite treatment services every year.” 

The threat of termites in Carefree is real. In fact Arizona is home to more than 17 different types of these wood eating insects. Termites can invade from outside, underground, above ground, via flight or hidden within infested furniture or other wood items. Everyday hundreds of new homes come under attack from these cryptic invaders.  Even more frightening is that many of these infestations will not be discovered for months, years and/or in severe cases…decades. The best protection against these critters can be a good termite inspection Carefree Az service.

Homeowners spend billions of dollars every year in termite related services and damage repair. Unfortunately not every termite related expenditure is necessary and/or provides the desired protection. Given the threat it’s understandable that a homeowner wants to spend money on proactive protection.  Spending money on preventative type treatments can be a waste, give a homeowner a false sense of security and needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals.  Finding a professional termite inspection Carefree Az exterminator can save consumers from a big headache.

Not all termites are the same. As mentioned above more than 17 different types can invade your home from a number of different methods.  Because each species is so different treatment methods must correspond to the invading species.  Treatment methods to control dry wood termites can be expensive and provide no protections against other types of these critters.  Not all species build “mud tubes” and/or tunnel in from underground.

Experts all agree that it’s a good idea to have your home inspected at least once a year especially homes recently serviced and/or with a history of past infestation(s).

Consumers have two choices when it comes to termite inspection Carefree Az services.  Yearly home and business inspections or termite reports for real estate related transactions.Termite Treatment Carefree Az

Yearly inspections are usually free and consist of checking the interior/exterior of a structure for signs of infestation. Professionals all agree that given the threat of termites getting a yearly inspection is wise. To order a free termite inspection Carefree Az give us a call or complete our online request form.

Inspection reports for real estate transactions are rarely free. In fact the State of Arizona imposes a fee (tax) and requires licensed exterminators to file the findings.  These records are available to the public and online for a period of three years.  The average charge for a wood inspection report is $50-$150.  These inspections are completed on a three page state form including a diagram.  In addition to reporting evidence of termites both past and present the inspector is required to list visible damage and conditions conducive to future infestation.  When properly completed the report can provide valuable information to consumers looking to make the right buying decision.

For more information about termite inspection Carefree Az services give us a call.

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