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If you live in Arizona long enough you will most certainly hear “There are two types of homes in Arizona…those with a termite problem and those that are going to have a termite problem soon.”  The threat of termites is real and the potential for serious damage is enough to keep homeowners awake at night wondering when they will come under attack.

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cave creek termite treatmentUnfortunately most homeowners will come under attack and have need for termite control Cave Creek Az exterminator services at least once in their lifetime.  In fact everyday 100s of homes across the valley come under attack from these insidious wood eaters.  Even more frightening is that many of these infestations will go undetected for months, years or decades.  Often the first evidence of the attack is when an unsuspecting homeowner discovers the resulting damage.

“The potential for damage makes the threat of termite infestation in Cave Creek a serious matter.” 

Termite’s thrive when provided with a source of moisture, shelter from the Arizona sun and an endless supply of fresh food … your home! With the influx of the human population, termite infestations in Cave Creek are commonplace.

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Arizona TermitesRecent construction has provided thousands of more homes, or food sources for these critters to feast upon. The demand for termite control Cave Creek Az services has increased more than 60% just in the last three years alone.

To avoid becoming a property damage statistic, it is prudent to have your home inspected at least once a year. Make no mistake, even though, they’re tiny, these little monsters can and do cause major property damage every year.  More damage than all other incidents combined.

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Signs of termites in Phoenix ArizonaTo the average consumer a termite is a termite.  They are all the same and have a desire to eat the wood in your home. In reality there are different types, and only a tiny percentage should be considered a threat to your home. Ecologically, termites are important for recycling nutrients, creating habitats, forming quality soil, and as a food source for predatory creatures. Termites eat debris and enrich the soil.

Hollowed out logs that have been made by termite activity also provide habitats for arboreal mammals and birds. So, a few termites aren’t that much of a problem if any, and aren’t considered a problem. The ones that come inside your home to eat the wood holding it together, however, are a source of major concern. These types of termites should warrant an immediate call for termite control Cave Creek Az services.

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phoenix termite controlLet’s say your house is made of concrete, glass, and/or steel, so why worry about these little monsters? Sad to say, it’s not quite that simple. In an ideal world, termites would only eat one variety of wood, and we could build our homes appropriately. It would merely be a matter of selecting the right wood in building construction. Termites don’t confine their diet to just wood however; they also can consume wall paper, cardboard, and furniture. The result of most termite infestations is ultimately damage.

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cave creek termite treatmentBefore considering any termite control Cave Creek Az service it’s important to get a thorough inspection from an experienced exterminator. While most exterminators will provide this service free of charge it’s important to find one that is familiar with all types of termites found in Cave Creek.  This is critical as many exterminators are only familiar with the more common subterranean types and often miss the subtle evidence left by less common types of termites.  This inexperience can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security as the little critters are eating away unnoticed.

Getting a thorough inspection will help the homeowner properly identify the invading type of termite and get a proper service specific to the right species. For more information about termite control Cave Creek Az services give us a call.

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