Ten Pest Control Methods Debunked by a Pest Control Expert

Click HereMost people know that they do not want pests around the house, but many do not realize the extent of the damage they can cause, nor do they understand how to get rid of them. Do you believe any of these myths about pest control methods? You may want to rethink your position and hire a professional pest control service to handle your concerns.

Myth #1: You can use cheese to lure mice to traps.

Truth: It’s a myth you see perpetuated in cartoons, but mice actually don’t prefer cheese. In fact, they prefer sugary treats much more. You might consider frosted cereal or nut butter to attract rodents instead.

Myth #2: If your house is built on concrete, you won’t get termites.

Truth: Termites have the ultimate tunnel vision. They will zero in on the wooden framework, even if it is behind concrete or brick.

Myth #3: Bed bugs are easy to eliminate.

Truth: Bed bugs are not pests you can eliminate on your own. Even with professional-grade materials, it often takes several visits to completely eradicate bed bugs from your home. They are among the most difficult pests to force out.

Myth #4: A bee will only sting you once before it dies.

Truth: This one is partially true. Honey bees do die after they sting an animal with thick skin. Other bees stinging insects will continue to sting if they feel threatened.

Myth #5: You don’t need a professional pest control company, you just need electronic repellents.

Truth: Electronic devices supposedly work with the help of ultrasonic waves that annoy pests out of your home. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that these repelling devices actually work.

Myth #6: You can eliminate ants with hot water.

Truth: Hot water will only kill ants if it is boiling when it touches the ants. Pouring the hot water into an ant hole is not likely to kill an entire colony, and especially not the queen.

Myth #7: You can’t see bed bugs.

Truth: Actually, bed bugs are very visible. The adults are about one-quarter inch; however, they are most easily spotted via there fecal matter. It consists of small reddish brown specks.

Myth #8: You never need to hire a pest professional.

Truth: While a select few DIY pest control methods may work, it is actually much more effective to hire a professional from the beginning, allowing you to nip your problem in the bud right away.

Myth #9: Neighbor spraying their house? You’ll see bugs in yours now.

Truth: This is not true. Sprays do not simply repel insects; it actually kills them. This means that the insects would die before they ever made it to your house.

Myth #10: You can eliminate bed bugs by keeping your house clean.

Truth: Actually, no. Bed bugs will live in filth or in the cleanest home possible. They only want to feed on blood. On the other hand, clutter does provide these pests with additional places to hide out.

Ultimately, it is important to hire a professional to handle your pest problem. It is all too common for myths to cloud the judgment of homeowners, all the while allowing pests to cause serious deterioration.

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