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Pet Friendly Pest Control Phoenix, Az | Phoenix Pet Safe Pest Service – As a pet owner it’s natural to wonder if a much-needed pest control service is a threat to the health and safety of your pet(s). When done right with the right products pest control services can provide the desired results without endangering people or pets. You can be assured that Bill’s Pest Control loves pets. Most of us are pet owners and we understand the connection. As fellow pet owners, we understand the importance of providing pet safe pest control services. We have the training, experience, and love to provide an effective service tailored around your family and pets. If you are searching for pet-friendly pest control companies you landed in the right spot. Dog Safe Pest Control – Bill’s Pest Control.

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Bill’s Pest Control’s goal is to provide Arizona residents with effective, ecologically responsible pest management solutions that protect the health, households, pets, customers, businesses, and employees. Our unique approach targets the source/cause rather than the symptoms. This approach stops the problem and keeps it from coming back. Less product = less risk!

Education and experience are valuable in the pest control industry. Knowing the habits of 1000s of pests that roam the Valley of the Sun enables our exterminators to know what products will work, where to use them, and how much. Identifying conditions conducive to specific pests and correcting them reduces the need for strong pesticides. Less pesticide = less risk.

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As we become more aware of our environmental footprint and the issues we face concerning our ecosystem, it’s our responsibility to respect and protect the world we share. That’s why we see the need to provide people and pet-friendly pest control solutions. Bill’s Pest Control has been in business for over three generations. Our staff has 100s of years of field experience. Any problem you may have, we have seen before and will have a solution for you to get rid of it.
We are a local company made up of a staff of Arizona residents, we are not a franchise. We know Arizona and the Sonoran Desert. All of our employees are up to date on all the latest pest control techniques ensuring homeowners and business owners that we have knowledgeable, trustworthy people servicing your pest control needs.

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phoenix termite controlWe value the health and safety above all else. Unwanted pests can be more than just a nuisance; they carry disease. We want you to rest easy knowing that you are safe and comfortable, free from common desert pests such as mice, rats, and cockroaches. We offer a broad range of solutions and guarantee that our expert exterminators can provide a solution that is safe and effective.

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Our commitment to protecting your home goes beyond pest removal and prevention. We use EPA-approved products and treatment options to keep you protected and free of hazardous chemicals. For our residential clients who have pets, there’s no need to worry about your furry family members. We are a pet-friendly exterminator and will keep your structure safe for your pets after treatment. Our professional technicians arrive in a clean uniform with all the proper safety equipment to complete the extermination in a prompt and efficient manner, with as little inconvenience and disruption as possible. Pet-Friendly Pest Control Companies – Pet-Friendly Pest Control Phoenix – Pet Safe Pest Control – Dog Safe Pest Control.

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Bill’s Pest was recommended by my vet. I’m so glad to have found a truly pet friendly exterminator. My dogs are like babies and after they got sick from the last exterminator I decided it would be better to live with the crickets and my babies rather than live without bugs and my babies. Loretta and Karen are dog lovers and they are the solutions to my crisis. Great people and service.

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