10 Pest Control Myths Uncovered Phoenix, AZ

One quick glance at the internet will have you thinking you can DIY everything from building a small bookshelf upholstering a couch to rewiring your entire house. While simple household projects are reasonable, there are some things, like major electrical repairs, that should be left to the professionals.

Pest control falls into the “best left to the professionals” category. Sure, you can set a mousetrap, buy a spray from your local home improvement store, or hope the problem goes away on its own. But those “solutions” are temporary. At best, they are a bandage for the symptoms. Wouldn’t you rather KNOW that the problem has been solved and that the only critters living in your house are your family and pets? What would that peace of mind be worth to you and your loved ones?

Take a quick look at the following myths surrounding pest control, and see if any of them sound familiar. If so, you should consider leaving your pest control up to the experts and use your DIY skills for that treehouse you have been wanting to build for your kids.


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Bill’s Pest is #1. They are always efficient and effective in treating any issues we have or will have. Dallas, our normal service tech, does a fantastic job! Always professional, keeps his work area clean, and is safe. Looking forward to continued years with Bill’s Service!

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