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Ground Squirrel Trapping & Removal Phoenix Az – Are you suffering from a ground squirrel invasion? The experts at Bill’s Pest & Termite Control can help provide effective relief. We provide proven and effective ground squirrel control services throughout Metropolitan Phoenix Arizona. With our expert ground squirrel trapping and removal service your infestation can soon be a distant memory. #1 Ground Squirrel Exterminator Phoenix Arizona.

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ground squirrel exterminatorGround squirrels love to build nests around homes and commercial structures. They can damage expensive landscaping and have been known to burrow into structures.  Don’t let the cute looks of this pest fool you. They are gross and unsanitary.  Inside a structure, or vehicle they can cause serious damage to wires and more. They are a health threat to people and pets. What’s more these little fur balls carry other pests such as fleas, ticks and mites.

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Arizona is home to three different types of ground squirrels. Arizona Rock, Harris Antelope and the Round Tail ground squirrels.  The Round Tail ground squirrel accounts for most calls for service.  All three behave in similar fashions, they all like urban environments and they can all cause damage to our plants and structures. Ground squirrels who want to live on your property will first have to dig burrows to nest. They may try to take advantage of old abandoned burrows but they’re good diggers and will quickly construct a network of tunnels. These tunnels will undermine cement slabs and foundations as well as present hazards to people and animals.

Ground squirrels will readily eat garden fruit and vegetables as well as nuts and flowers. If left alone, they will quickly populate to levels which can cause mass destruction in little time. Damage to vehicles can get expensive. Ground squirrels need to gnaw small round objects to keep their teeth ground to the right length and the wires, tubes, pipes, hoses and lines found in most any car or truck present a wealth of chewable real estate they need.

Humane Trapping & Removal

Getting rid of this pest can be a challenge. Especially with large populations present. Ground squirrel trapping and removal is a great option.  Using poison can be risky. Especially for those with little to no experience.  The risk presented to people, pets and other wildlife should make poison a last resort option.

All three species of Arizona ground squirrels are classified as non-game animals and are protected by State Statures.  However, when they become pests they can be controlled by legal means.  Where many homeowners have run into problems when using poison is secondary exposure.  Family pets, and other wildlife, including protected animals have been known to ingest targeted pests.  This can expose a home or business owner to legal and financial liability.

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Pest Control trained techniciansHire a professional. Humane ground squirrel trapping and removal services present a viable option for dealing with this pest. Bill’s Pest Control provides effective ground squirrel trapping and removal services throughout the Valley of the Sun.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most services can include a renewable warranty for peace of mind.

If you have ground squirrels tunneling or burrowing on your property give us a call today for a free evaluation. We have affordable solutions to all size ground squirrel problems. #1 Arizona Ground Squirrel Trapping Service.

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Warren L via NextDoor

After wasting time and money with other companies, we hired Bill’s Pest Control. Loretta found where the burrows and runs without a smoke test. She located the nesting burrow and set the traps.  Within hours she had four of those suckers trapped.  Over the course of the month they trapped and relocated 21 of these fur balls.  We elected to go with the affordable monthly service to keep the population from exploding again.  If you truly want to get rid of ground squirrels don’t waste your money on any exterminator hire Bill’s Pest Control!

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Great people and service, extremely reasonable pricing and proficient at what they do. Solved our problem in no time and could have charged us a lot more for repeat visits but told us we could handle it ourselves and save money. I chose them from these reviews and highly recommend this company. They did NOT ask me to write a review, I think we should take the time to post the positive stuff and not just bother to write the awful reviews for bad service.