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Gopher Pest Control and Removal Phoenix Az – Got Gophers digging up your yard? Damaging wiring? Vehicles? We can help! Get expert Gopher Pest Control services in Phoenix Az today from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Family owned and locally operated, Bills Pest Termite Control provides expert services at affordable rates. #1 Phoenix Gopher Pest Control and Removal.

If you’re under attack from Gophers give us a call today.  We can dispatch one of our experts to provide a free evaluation and estimate for Gopher Pest Control services. Rodent Pest Control.

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Pest Control trained techniciansMetropolitan Phoenix is home to several species of Gophers including Pocket Gophers.  Most requests for Gopher Pest Control service are related to Pocket Gophers.  This pest can seemingly appear overnight and create havoc.  Most consumers are not aware they have a problem until they notice increasing mounds in the backyard or damage to outside plants.  In severe cases, this pest can cause thousands of dollars work of damage to parked vehicles.

Gophers live most of their lives underground and travel in the hidden runways they dig.  While they prefer feeding on rooted plants they will attack and destroy all types of plant life.  They will kill small trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable gardens if left unchecked.  Larger populations will damage underground wiring, irrigation systems, and parked vehicle wiring.

Gopher Pest Control Phoenix Az

gopher removalBills Pest Termite Control provides an array of service options for Gopher Pest Control and Removal in Phoenix Az.   From baiting and trapping options to total elimination with Carbon Monoxide we can custom tailor a problem to your needs.  We offer the fastest, most effective, affordable Gopher Pest Control services in the Valley of the Sun.


Our initial baiting gopher pest control service will consist of two visits approximately one to two weeks apart with free follow-ups for the initial 30 days if needed. Proper baiting and placement are critical to reducing populations.  Large populations may require continued monthly service.


The trapping method generally consists of 3-4 visits per month. Traps are set in and around active tunnel systems. Trapping for gophers offers a different approach that can be very effective when done properly and in the right situation. Experience in gopher control is critical when the trapping method is used. One of the best aspects of gopher trapping is that it offers chemical-free options. Rodent Trapping.


This pet-friendly, poison-free, alternative gopher removal method gives us another tool in combating your gopher infestation. With our carbon monoxide (CO) treatment, heated smoke is released into the gopher’s tunnel system. The smoke travels throughout the tunnel system, exterminating the gophers underground. No baits, poisons, or traps are needed with this treatment option. Additionally, this method can provide immediate relief.

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For more information about Gopher Removal services in Phoenix Arizona give us a call today.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to being Gopher free. Rodent Pest Control.

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