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Carpenter Ants Pest Control in Phoenix Arizona

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Best Carpenter Ants Pest Control Phoenix Az – Got ants? We can help today with our Carpenter Ants Pest Control service.  Bills Pest Control is your hometown Phoenix Arizona exterminator.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Call us today.  We can get you back on the road to living in a pest free environment. #1 Carpenter Ants Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

When you consider that Arizona is home to over 318 different types it’s no wonder that Ants are the number 1 pest in Metro Phoenix.  Exterminators across the valley receive more requests for ant control services than all other pests. Carpenter Ant Pest Control.

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Not all ants are equal. Carpenter ants should be a concern to homeowners as they can damage a home.  When a homeowner discovers a problem with this pest getting professional Carpenter Ants Pest Control services ASAP is recommended.

Discovering an infestation inside a home is a no-brainer.  Most of the colony will be visible as they travel along trails to and from nesting areas.  Locating the exact nesting area can be a challenge as they tend to bore deep into wooden materials and wall cavities.  Carpenter Ants tend to live deep within the interior of the structure and build large colonies that can create serious structural damage as they chew through the wood.

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carpenter ants exterminatorFortunately, Carpenter ants do not sting but can bite.  They are often mistaken for termites.  Close inspection may be needed to distinguish the two insects.  As with other species of ants, Carpenter Ants have segmented bodies and antenna’s that are bent.  In the Phoenix Area Carpenter Ants swarm in the late spring on thru the summer months.

Though they construct nests in wood they feed on a wide range of food items.  Carpenter Ants can be identified by their large, size, relatively large eyes, smooth bodies and multiple worker castes.  They are generally most active at night, especially during our Arizona Summer heat.  Outside they can be found on the ground, and/or on tree trunks.

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Effective Carpenter Ants Pest Control eradication should first start with a thorough inspection.  An experienced carpenter ants exterminator knows that locating nesting areas is critical.  Sealing entry points is helpful to achieving long term relief.

Treatment options can vary depending upon the severity of infestation, type of structure and needs of the customer.  Heavy infestations may require heat and/or fumigation.  Most problems can be eliminated using residual sprays and transfer type products.

For more information about Carpenter Ants Pest Control services in Phoenix Arizona give us a call today.  We can dispatch one of our experts for a free inspection. #1 Carpenter Ants Exterminator Phoenix – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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