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Get bed bug help todayBed Bugs Treatment Phoenix Az – Got critters? Get rid of them with affordable bed bugs treatment services from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Call today and sleep pest free tonight with safe, effective eradication.

“These small and nocturnal insects are proficient at staying out of sight.” 

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood of humans.  While they have been around for thousands of years, calls for Bed Bugs treatment services in Metro Phoenix have sharply increased in recent years.  The Phoenix Metro area is under attack from these insects. Bed Bug treatment services are in demand.

Service calls range from homes to 5-Star resorts, movie theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, airlines, waiting rooms, libraries, motels and waiting rooms.  Anyplace that people tend to rest or sleep is ideal for infestation.   Making matters worse these insects are excellent hitch-hikers moving from one luggage to another on carousels or attaching to clothing.How do I tell if I have Bed Bugs

Detecting and getting rid of these critters is usually not a do-it-yourself-project.  Small and nocturnal they are proficient at staying out of sight until after dark when they crawl out of hiding to feast on sleeping human hosts.  At day break they have already scurried back into hiding.  Often the only sign(s) of their attack is small blood stains on bedding or bite marks.

Effective bed bugs treatment requires knowledge and experience.  Entrusting eradication to the average exterminator is a recipe for disaster.  In fact we receive daily calls from frustrated consumers who have spent hard earned money on do-it-yourself products or inexperienced exterminators.  These blood-sucking insects usually nest in and around bedding so using pesticides risks the exposure of your household and will only kill the adult bugs.  Without continued spraying relief is only temporary.

Bills Pest Control provides a safe chemical free alternative Bed Bugs Treatment with the use of heat.  By introducing heat to infested areas we are able to eradicate all the insects including the eggs with just one service.  For more information about Bed Bugs Treatment services give us a call.

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