Order Termite Report

Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts familiar with all 17 species of termites found in Arizona.  Our Order a termite report program provides thorough computer generated termite inspection reports that are easy to read.  All inspection reports include a diagram listing areas of infestation, damage, past termite history, and/or areas conducive to future infestation.  Order Termite Reports are completed the day of inspection and can be in your hands before the end of the day.

Termite reports are $50 when paid on the date of service or $65 when billed through escrow.  Reports include a 30 day warranty so if termites invade you can rest assured that the treatment is on us.  One year warranties are available for $150.  We also provide free estimates and second opinions.

Termite Inspection Reports 602.308.4510

Most Termite Reports are $50 if paid on the day of inspections or $65 when billed thru scrow