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Order Termite ReportTermite Reports – Need a termite reports in Arizona? We can help today! Bills Pest Termite Control provides termite reports services throughout the Valley of the Sun. Most reports are $50 when paid the day of inspection or $65 when billed to escrow.  Our easily to read reports and diagrams are available the day of inspection.

“Termite reports for real estate transactions should be mandatory in Arizona.”

When completed properly and by an experience inspector all termite reports can provide a consumer with valuable information.  They can save you from buying the wrong home.  It’s not a secret that termites are a problem in Arizona.  Consumers are best served when they discover an infestation or damage prior to purchasing a property.

Hiring a professional termite exterminator to thoroughly evaluate a property can save a buyer from making a HUGE mistake.  Don’t take the termite inspection report lightly.  Failure to review the findings and ask questions can lead to making the wrong purchasing decision.

Termites are a threat to homeowners across the Valley of the Sun.  The warmer the climate the bigger the threat is. To the average homeowner a termite is a termite and they like to eat the wood holding our homes together.  While this statement has some truth it is not entirely accurate.

Not all termites in Arizona are the same, nor is the subtle evidence they leave to indicate an infestation. Depending upon the expert…Arizona is home to 17-25 different species of termites.  Termites in Arizona come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They can invade your home from the deep underground, outside, above ground, from flight or be imported inside your home hidden deep within infested wood items. Each species has its own nesting and eating habits.  It takes years of training and/or experience to be familiar with the many different types of termites and to recognize the subtle evidence of their presence.

Everyday thousands of homes across the Valley of the Sun are secretly invaded by termites.  Because of the cryptic nature of these critters an active infestation can remain hidden for months, years and even decades. Many unsuspecting homeowners will not discover an infestation until the damage becomes visible.  Termite reports are critical to consumers looking to make the right home buying decision.

$50 Termite Inspection ReportNot all exterminators are the same. Most exterminators are only familiar with the more common type (native species) and often overlook obvious evidence of the “not so common” termites.  This lack of experience/knowledge can translate to a nightmare for consumers that spend their life savings on a home riddled with these wood munchers.

Termite Reports is serious business and should be done by a trained professional with the experience/knowledge to detect all types of these critters.  Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s termite experts.  We provide termite reports for real estate transactions, free second opinions and evaluations for consumers in the Metro Phoenix area.  Our easy to read reports are completed electronically and include pictures/diagrams to enhance your understanding of the information contained within the report.  For more information give us a call today.

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