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Termite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams – Everyday 1000s of Phoenix-area homeowners discover they are under attack by termites. When that feeling of panic takes over, it becomes a race to get an exterminator out right away. Slow down, while getting termites can be traumatic they will not destroy your home overnight. If fact, depending upon the species, structural damage can take weeks or months to happen. Doing a little research can save a homeowner money and more than a few headaches.

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Just as not all types of Arizona termites are the same, termite exterminators run the gambit in Phoenix. A few are good to great, some are not bad on a good day, and the rest is a gamble at best. Finding a good termite exterminator can be more of a challenge than just making a few phone calls. Metro Phoenix has hundreds of licensed termite exterminators and few have the expertise to detect and effectively eliminate all species of Arizona termites.  Don’t fall victim to common Termite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams.

“Getting termites is part of living in Arizona.”

Choosing the wrong termite exterminator can lead to unnecessary exposure to hundreds of gallons of pesticides, extensive damage, wasted money, diminished home value, and gobble up our most precious resource…time. Ineffective termite control can lead to structural damage and leave a homeowner with a false sense of security. Your home is a big investment and for some their future nest egg. Don’t gamble that away to save a little time and a few bucks by hiring the wrong exterminator.

Navigating the in’s and out’s of termite control can be confusing and frustrating. Homeowners are advised to avoid the more common pitfalls of termite control in Phoenix.

Preventative termite treatments

Arizona termitesTermite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams – Commissioned salespeople preying on the homeowner’s natural fear of termite destruction often push preventative termite treatments. These types of services are generally a waste of hard-earned money and leave homeowners with a false sense of security. Not all termites are the same. Termite treatment methods and products used to eliminate infestations will vary by species. Treating a home for subterranean type termites provides little if any protection from Western Dry wood termites. Unless you can accurately predict the type of termite that will invade your home and where selecting a preventative service is a “roll of the dice.” Even if you get lucky and treat for the right species, applied termiticides have a limited shelf life so the timing of the treatment to ensure long term protection is critical. The best protection is a yearly termite inspection by an experienced exterminator.

No drill treatments for subterranean termites

Termite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams – Subterranean termites typically nest under abutting concrete slabs and foundations in close proximity to areas they infest. These nesting areas provide shelter from the desert sun (heat), protection from other predators, a moisture source, and easy access to the wood (food) inside your home. Drilling through these concrete slabs and injecting termiticide where termites nest is critical to effective elimination and long term protection. Treating these areas is time-consuming and costly (labor, drill bits, and equipment) for exterminators. Exterminators that offer these types of services do not understand Arizona termites and/or want to keep costs low.

Spot termite treatments

Termite Treatment Control PhoenixTermite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams – When it comes to subterranean termites, spot treatments or just treating the visible areas of infestation(s) is asking for trouble. It’s common for multiple colonies to invade a home at the same time from multiple locations. The average home lot can support 15-25 termite colonies at the same time. Given the cryptic nature of these types of termites, not all active infestations are visible.

Hidden termite infestations can go years before visible damage alerts the homeowner. The fact that one or two colonies are actively invading a home is prima fascia evidence that the protective barrier around the home is no longer effective. If the home is not already secretly under attack in hidden areas, there is nothing to stop such an attack in the near future. It’s very rare that a spot treatment is appropriate for protecting a home in Arizona against subterranean termites. Inexperienced and/or less than honest exterminators view spot treatments as an opportunity to make a quick buck. These exterminators know additional infestations will eventually appear and they have the inside track for the next service. In time unsuspecting homeowners may end up paying more for spot treatments and the resulting damage.

5-10 year Termite warranties

Termite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams – In the never-ending bid to “one-up” the competition, a few exterminators have been advertising 5-15 year termite treatment warranties. Less than 10 years ago the bulk of termite warranties were one year renewable with a yearly inspection. This had been the trend in Arizona for more than 50 years.

Honest exterminators understood the importance of inspecting a home at least once a year. Now many exterminators advertise 5, 10, and even 15-year warranties. These services do not include yearly termite inspections; often have hidden additional service charges or limited re-treatment terms. At the end of the warranty term, the customer must pay for complete treatment at an inflated cost. Another interesting aspect is that few termiticides provide residual protection beyond 10 years.

Often the termiticides used by these exterminators are lucky to provide effective residual beyond 3-5 years. Regardless of the warranty length and termiticide, a yearly termite inspection is critical. Few exterminators provide a yearly inspection without additional fees and then it is upon request by the customer only.

Termite tent fumigations

Arizona termite damageDry wood termite species live in the wood they infest and acceptable treatment requires one, all, or a combination of removing/replacing infested wood, liquid treatment to infested wood, or tent fumigation (pumping toxic gas into a home) of the entire structure. Tent fumigations are expensive and require a load of preparations by the consumer. Vacating the home for 3 days is often necessary as well as removing food items, pets, and clothing. While tent fumigations can be effective when properly done, they provide little protection against re-infestation. Tent fumigations are “big ticket” items for exterminators. Sales departments promote these services in scenarios where other types of services may be a better choice or more cost-effective.

Pretreatment Renewal Warranties

When homes are built in Arizona the soil is treated for termites just prior to the pouring of the foundation. These treatments include a 5-year warranty for the homeowner as required by the State of Arizona. If termites invade the home during the warranty period the exterminator is responsible for the treatment. Many exterminators track new homes and just prior to the 5-year mark they begin bombarding homeowners with offers to service for termites. In most cases, the exterminator knows the home does not have termites, and that the original treatment is still providing residual protection, so preying upon the fear of termites is profitable. Just as Arizona termites do not wait outside your home waiting for that 5-year mark to invade, most termiticides don’t magically stop working at five years. The best choice for a homeowner in this scenario is to get a free yearly termite inspection once a year. If and when termites invade, that is the time to get treatment. This approach saves the homeowner needless exposure to harsh pesticides, a lot of money and they get a custom treatment prescribed to the specific type of termites, with many more years of protection.

No yearly termite inspection

Free yearly termite inspection phoenixExperienced termite exterminators will advise, every home in Arizona should be inspected at least once a year for termites, especially homes recently serviced. Yearly termite inspections ensure the treatment was effective and provide homeowners with early detection of infestation from other types of termites. Homeowners purchasing any termite service should ensure they will receive yearly inspections at no charge. Bills Pest Termite Control = Trusted Phoenix Exterminator Getting termites takes little effort, finding a good termite exterminator can be a challenge, but well worth the investment.  For more information about Termite Control Treatment Phoenix Scams give us a call today.

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