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Does Foaming for Termites Work in Phoenix Az?

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Does foaming for termites work Phoenix Az –  The simple answer is yes…no, sometimes and/or it depends.  Foaming was initially introduced to exterminators back in the late 80s and while it was a great supplemental tool for treating cavities under concrete slabs it did not really catch on for daily use until about 10 years ago.

“More technicians are using foaming application techniques as a quick, easy solution to a termite problem.”

Now it seems many exterminators across the Valley are using foaming as a way to solve difficult termite treatment problems.  Unfortunately foaming has not lived up to the silver bullet cure-all solution that exterminators had hoped for.  In fact it can be argued that poorly trained and/or experienced exterminators are the blame.

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Does foaming for termites work? Foaming is achieved by mixing a concentrated soapy liquid to termiticide before it is injected to treatment areas.  The air used to inject the mixed termiticide would deliver a product that appeared similar to men’s shaving cream.  Gravity pulls liquid termiticides to the bottom of a cavity under a slab.  This can leave an untreated area on the bottom side of the concrete slab.  Invading termites would often build shelter tubes over the treated areas in order to continue their assault.  The thickness of injected foam would eliminate these access points.

Exterminators eventually figured that by controlling the amount of air/water they could make the foam wet, wetter, and/or dryer. Foaming then morphed into treating wall voids and ceilings. Given the nature of drywall injecting too wet of a foam solution into a wall cavity can result in staining and/or wall damage.  Using the driest possible foam (mixed with termiticide) seemed ideal to avoid staining and/or wall damage.

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Signs of termitesNative species subterranean termites (Heterotermes) are blind.  They use pheromones, or scent to navigate from nesting areas into your home and back.  This species uses mud tunnels, or shelter tubes to travel to and from their nest and food source(s).  These tubes are designed to protect them from predators such as ants and other threats.  Termite tubes are made from nearby dirt, debris and held together by fecal matter.  They are strong and continuously maintained.

Does foaming for termites work ? In order for any termiticide and foam to be effective it must come into contact with the insects.  Getting a dry foam product to penetrate a sturdy shelter tube containing invading termites rarely happens.

Native termites are skittish and when the immediate area is disrupted, such as drill a hole into drywall to inject foam, these critters will simply move to another area.  Often consumers are left with a false sense of security after a wall foaming service as the termite activity appears to stop.  If the consumer could see behind the wall they would notice the activity has moved to another area.

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Termite InspectionHeterotermes nest in the soil.  Often that nest is below a concrete slab.  The slab provides protection from the intense desert heat, predators, cooler soil temperatures, and trapped moisture.  Given the small physical size of these insects a home can be entered from underground via plumbing voids, stress cracks and/or expansion joints. Ideal conditions and easy access to a home for food make for perfect nesting conditions for this menace.

In order to completely eliminate the problem of termites it’s best to focus the attack on the nest.  Treating areas above the soil will at best provide temporary relief from these invaders.  Thus foaming in most situations provides temporary relief at best.

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If you have a problem with termites, don’t ignore it.  The problem will not go away.  If your home is being serviced by another exterminator and they are not getting the job done, it’s time to call in the experts before it’s too late.  Bills Termite Control provides free inspections, evaluations and second opinions.

Don’t waste time and hard earned money relying upon just any exterminator to eradicate termites from your home.  Call Arizona’s termite experts today – Bills Pest Termite Control.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to having a termite free home.

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We fired the first exterminator and hired Bill’s Termite.  The other exterminator would only foam into our ceiling and it was only moving the termites around.  Jon from Bill’s was able to educate us why the foaming was not working.  He diagnosed the problem and had his crew service our home correctly.  We have not had a recurrence since.

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