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“If your home doesn’t already have bugs inside…there’s a few thousand outside waiting to come in!”

When compared to the Midwest and Northeast…Arizona has some pretty nice weather. And like any place in the world with warm weather and mild winters…we have a lot of bugs! In fact the lower elevations of the Grand Canyon state are home to the Sonoran Desert and over 11,000 types of insects. With the exception of when temperatures dip below freezing or hover above 115 degrees our pests are active 24/7/365. It’s just a matter of time before the average homeowner has need for Arizona pest control services.

Pests like humans need the three basics (food, shelter and water) to survive. An abundance of all three will change survive to thrive. Pest populations in the open desert are usually kept under control because of limited access and competition for the three basics. New construction in desert areas created more opportunities resulting in increased pest populations. The average home in Arizona provides an abundance of nesting opportunities, moisture and food sources. Large pest populations in and around homes usually results in calls for Arizona pest services. Ever increasing pest pressures has created a healthy demand for these services.pest control services

Any effective Arizona pest service must begin with a pest inspection. This inspection should identify any and all target pest, entry points, and conditions around the home that are conducive to nesting insects. Correcting conditions conducive to pests is important and should not be overlooked. Reducing nesting opportunities can dramatically reduce insect populations, reduce future exposure to harsh chemicals and ensure long term protection. Proper identification of target pests allows the experienced exterminator to select the right combination of products and baits specific to each pest. Sealing access points to your home allows exterminators to focus on a proactive exterior treatment.

During the cooler months most pests are active during the daylight hours and hunker down as the sun sets. When outside temperatures reach +100 degrees…insect activity peaks after sunset. During this period (summer months), homeowners are often surprised to suddenly discover a large pest infestation as they see few pests during the daylight hours. Large pest populations can happen seemingly overnight and can be a nuisance. However that nuisance can change rapidly as large insect populations are viewed as a food source for the predator type insects like scorpions, spiders, ants etc. When the “biters and stingers” move in the threat to humans and pets increases dramatically.Phoenix Exterminator

There is far more to successful pest control than finding the most powerful “bug-killer” juice and spraying in on everything in and around your home. In fact this method is not only unnecessary, it can be dangerous and depending upon the invading bug species can actually make the problem worse. Social insects such as ants work as a colony to ensure survival. Killing off foraging workers with a regular bug spray puts the colony into panic mode and they increase reproductive levels to replace the lost workers. The more workers killed with the wrong pesticides…the more workers produced by the colony. Eventually the population of that colony will increase beyond the original size. This results in the need for additional foraging and the original problem gets worse.

The key to providing successful pest control services is having trained and experience service technicians that know which products will safely eliminate and control any pest infestation. By knowing which product(s) to use and how much… your family and pets are saved from needless exposure to harsh chemicals. Most pest infestations can be eliminated in one or two services while some may require periodic follow-up services to guard against re-infestation.Phoenix Residential Pest Control

Bills Pest Control in Phoenix has been Arizona’s hometown exterminator for over three generations. Recommended by local realtors, home inspectors and over 20,000 satisfied customers we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Pest Control provides pest control services that eliminate all types of Arizona pests. We do not require a signed contract or hefty up front fees as a condition of service. Most services are guaranteed so you have peace of mind that if your bugs come back…we come back!

If you’re looking for safe, effective Arizona Pest Control services from a trusted company at affordable rates…call Bills Pest Control in Phoenix. We know Arizona bugs!

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