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Scorpion Pest Control – Got bugs? Scorpions? We can help.  Get rid of the scorpions today with expert service. Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Pest Experts.  Call us today for effective Scorpion Pest Control services. We specialize in removing this menace.

The Grand Canyon State is home to over 30 species of Scorpions in Arizona. Of concern to Phoenix area homeowners are the three more common species, the infamous Bark, Stripped tail/Devil and Desert Hairy. The latter two species are rarely found inside homes. Bark Scorpions are attracted to cool moist areas and locations near constant air flow. It’s not uncommon to find this species inside homes and businesses. Bark Scorpions can easily be identified as they are the only scorpions in Arizona to climb walls and hang upside down (negative geotaxis). They are more apt to sting when caught by surprised or when feeling threatened. A Bark Scorpion sting can be considered “life threatening” in the right circumstances.

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Urban legend has many believing scorpion pest control is near impossible. Even many local exterminators believe they cannot provide effective scorpion pest control. A trained and experienced Phoenix exterminator can provide effective scorpion control.

scorpion control phoenixSuccessful scorpion pest control requires an exterminator familiar with the habits of each species of scorpions in Arizona. Inspection and proper identification is critical to effective scorpion pest control. All species are nocturnal and venture from their shelters at night to forage or ambush prey. Scorpions in Arizona feed on other insects…typically crickets and roaches. Controlling food sources (other bugs) will cause scorpions to leave harborage areas to forage. Eliminating harborage areas, sealing access points to your home and controlling other pests will have the biggest effect on controlling scorpions in Arizona.

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Monitoring outside temperature fluctuations around the J-trim of your home can signal areas that will attract Arizona scorpions and provide access inside your home. Sealing these areas is critical. Removing harborage areas around your home like wood piles and stored materials is a must. Establishing a continuous barrier around the home with a good pesticide provides protection against new scorpions wandering inside. Because of extreme heat pesticide residuals in Arizona are limited during summer months so it’s important to maintain the protective barrier on a monthly basis.

After sealing access points to your home it may be necessary to treat interior harborage areas with dust and flushing agents. Homes with heavy infestations may consider evening or after dark services to locate active Arizona scorpions. This service should be periodically repeated as Arizona scorpions can go days without feeding.

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Bills Pest Control is your hometown exterminator providing safe, effective exterminator services for your home or business at affordable rates. Family owned and locally operated by Arizona natives familiar with the unique pests that inhabit the Sonoran Desert…we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources.

For more information about Scorpion pest control services give us a call today.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back on the road to living in a pest free home.

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Very thorough service from the intensive initial thru the follow ups. Karen knows her bugs. The price was a bargain for the amount of time and effort put into killing our scorpions.

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