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Pigeon Control Maricopa – Feral pigeons present serious debris buildup problems and danger to your property. Our pigeon removal in Maricopa ensures that your property is safe from the damage caused by these pests. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your home or business or to schedule an appointment for pigeon control in Maricopa. Find out how our Solar Panel Screening Maricopa service can stop nesting birds and keep them from coming back. #1 Pigeon Removal, Trapping, Netting & Screening service in Maricopa.

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For businesses, pigeons can be a significant nuisance. Not only do they congregate around your property and annoy your customers, but they also accumulate debris and garbage that makes it look unattractive. Fortunately, we can get rid of pigeons once and for all. Our dedicated and family-owned pigeon removal services are designed to get rid of them easily and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business be pigeon free.

Pigeon Control in Maricopa for Homeowners

Pigeon Control Maricopa AzPigeons are common in both suburban communities and cities. They make their home on rooftops, window ledges, and bridges which easily simulate their natural habitat of cliff ledges. Pigeons are known as pests because they are indiscriminate feeders who eat literally anything they can find. Whether you have grains or seeds laying around or human garbage, they will do what they have to consume ‘food’. Some people even make the mistake of feeding these pests, leading to even more significant population growth.

Throughout our three generations of business ownership, we have learned the best techniques for eliminating pigeons from unwanted places. There are multiple ways we do this. Our methods of pigeon removal in Maricopa include trapping and netting. Sometimes even structural modification can become necessary since birds naturally prefer flat surfaces to land on. Something as simple as building ledges angled at 45 degrees can be enough to prevent pigeon infestations.

Pigeon Netting in Maricopa Az

Pigeon Removal Maricopa AzHowever, the best long-term solution is pigeon netting. This is one of the strategies we implement for our homeowners. It is a simple process and it easily takes care of a large community of pigeons. The last thing you want is for a pigeon to get caught in your air conditioning units or in outdoor pipping. Netting can prevent that easily.

Another solution we implement is pigeon trapping in Maricopa. If you have a few pigeons hanging out around your property, then pigeon trapping is a great solution. It can prevent a large infestation from growing and presenting a more complex problem for you as well. #1 Pigeon Netting Maricopa.

These two methods are our preferred methods for eliminating your pigeon problem.

How to Know You Have a Pigeon Problem

We are frequently asked, how can I know if I have a pigeon problem or if I have just a few transit birds flying through my property?

Well, there are a few significant, and notable, signs of a pigeon problem. Several of those signs include:

Significant numbers of birds.

A simple scan of your property will reveal if you have a pigeon issue. If you see large congregations of birds around your home, it could lead to an even more serious issue. Where one is, more are likely to follow. If there are a lot of birds on the ground, more birds roosting above your location, and if you have trouble getting to and from your vehicle, it means you have a pigeon problem.

Nesting materials.

Notice any branches, leaves, or sticks building up around your home? What about garbage? If you see an increase in bird nest materials around your home, it probably means you have a pigeon issue. Pigeons are well known for their messiness, which is just another reason to make sure you get rid of them. But this also means you’ll be able to spot their nests from a mile away.

-Pigeon waste.

Perhaps the most hated side effect of a pigeon infestation, their waste will likely buildup around your property. If you are having trouble walking around your home or property because you can’t dodge their droppings, then it is time to seek professional help.

Pigeon Trapping in Maricopa for Businesses

Pigeon Control Maricopa AzAs a bird control specialist, we recognize the power of using different methods to combat your pigeon problem. If you own a business, you want someone who knows what to do to get rid of them quickly. As a trusted family-owned exterminator service in Arizona, we take pride in delivering fast and efficient results to our commercial clients.

We know that your business cannot afford a pest control problem. That’s why we take active steps to ensure your property stays pest-free. One of the most important steps you can take in eliminating your pigeon problem is the removal of trash and waste from around your business. Once that’s done, you can count on us to eliminate the rest of your bird problem via our pigeon trapping solutions.

Remember, it’s important to take action against your pigeon problem quickly and effectively. Failure to do so can lead to serious issues including:

Slippery Sidewalks

Pigeon droppings can present a liability to your business by making your sidewalks and entryways slippery. If a customer were to fall because of the droppings, you would be held liable.

Damage to Your Brand Reputation

If your business is swarmed by pigeons and your customers have to dodge them just to enter your business, you could lose business. Remember, people like to go to places that are clean and inviting. Pigeons are not an inviting sight.

Disease & Illness

Pigeons are well known to carry diseases that could directly affect you and your employees. Without proper cleaning and sanitation of the areas they frequent, you could be putting you, your staff, and your customer’s in danger.

Drainage Issues

Debris from nests is serious drain blockers. They can get stuck in your gutters and drainage systems, leading to water backup and plumbing issues that cost a fortune to fix.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can protect your business.

Maintain Your Solar Panel System with Our Pigeon Pest Control

solar panel screening MaricopaAnother area we can help with is your solar panel systems. Pigeons can nest underneath your solar panels which causes a buildup of nesting and droppings that become a growing problem for your entire system. Fortunately, we provide solar panel screening in Maricopa to determine if your system is at risk for a pigeon problem. Our pigeon pest control will eliminate any signs of pigeons for good and keep your solar panel system in good working condition. #1 Solar Panel Screening Maricopa Az.

We are a trusted family-owned exterminator service in Arizona. Many of our customers have been with us for over three generations. Highly rated on Google, Yelp, etc.

If you are having a problem with Pigeons nesting under your solar panels give us a call for a free evaluation. Find out how our Solar panel screening Maricopa service can eliminate the problem and keep it from coming back. #1 Solar Panel Screening Maricopa.

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If you are reading the review save yourself a lot of time and frustration call Bill’s Pest service first to get rid of pigeons. I speak from experience. Three years and four exterminators later I found someone that knew what they were doing. In less than 3 weeks the problem was solved. Thanks Bill’s Pest service you were the answers to my prayers.

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