Palo Verde Beetles

Palo Verde Beetles Season is underway (August-September).  They are seemingly everywhere.  In a couple of months they will disappear again only to return next year.  If you are only seeing a few of this pest it may be best to wait them out.

Homeowners across the valley are reporting Palo Verde Beetle activity or more specifically the Palo  Verde Root Borer (Derobrachus geminatus).

Each July Palo Verde Beetles leave 1 inch diameter holes across the desert floor as the burrel  to the surface during evening hours.  They can be up to six inches in length and are capable of flying.

The young feed on roots of distressed desert trees and shrubs, particularly Palo Verde trees. Large infestations have been known  to kill Mexican Palo Verde trees.

Pest Control options are limited as the season is short lived and active beetles usually feed 2-4  feet below the surface.

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