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Mosquito Control Phoenix Az | Best Phoenix Mosquito Exterminator

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Got Mosquitoes? Get rid of them today with affordable eradication solutions from Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator. Bills Mosquito Control provides mosquito control services in Phoenix and throughout the Valley of the Sun. Arizona is home to several types of mosquitoes, including daytime and nighttime feeders. Get help today from Arizona’s #1 Mosquito Exterminator – Bills Phoenix Mosquito Control.

In the right environment, Arizona Mosquitoes can be a nuisance throughout the year. Arizona’s Mosquito season typically runs from February until November. Seasonal rain patterns and temperatures play a role in the exact dates.bills pest control phoenix

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Arizona residents rarely think about this pest until they notice the itchy bites, or they come under attack. In recent years public health concerns have increased with the discovery that some types of Arizona mosquitoes can carry and transmit diseases, such as West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, and, potentially, Zika Virus. These viruses can cause major illnesses and health issues in humans. Proactively treating mosquitoes can help minimize the threat of these diseases.

Arizona mosquitoes can breed in the smallest amount of standing water. Dripping outdoor faucets, birdbaths, backyard ponds, puddling water, and neglected pools provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes while putting them closer to areas people inhabit. Correcting these conditions can minimize the need for Mosquito Control Phoenix services.

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Heavy vegetation, plant growth, and bushes provide ideal nesting areas for Mosquitoes. These areas provide much-needed moisture and shelter from the Arizona sun. Addressing these areas is a critical first step in successful Mosquito Control Phoenix services.

Prior to beginning any Mosquito Control Phoenix service it’s important to thoroughly inspect infested areas and beyond. Identifying/correcting conditions conducive can provide the consumer with longer protection and minimize the need for continued pesticide applications.

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If you are having a problem with Mosquitoes, or merely suspect a problem don’t ignore the signs. The problem will not go away. In fact, chances are that it will get worse. Mosquitoes can be more than a nuisance pest. They can be a threat to your health, that of your family and pets. Call your Phoenix Mosquito Exterminator today for a free inspection and evaluation. Our experienced inspectors are ready to help. Mosquito Control Arizona. #1 Phoenix Mosquito Exterminator.

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If you are having a problem with Mosquitoes and other flying insects call Bill’s Pest Control and ask for Mike. Mike has done what dozens of other exterminators have tried to do. Mike knows his stuff and with one service our mosquitoes and flying insects were gone! We plan on having Mike come out quarterly to stay ahead of the problem. Great price and fantastic service!

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