The Five Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Bed Bug Facts

Most people will say they think of hotels when mentioning bed bugs. They conjure up images of cheap hotel rooms with flowery colored blankets and sheets. There’s a reason for this. Such blankets and sheets do not require a thorough washing as white linen sheets do.

However, the truth is that bed bugs burrow in wherever people move about and exist. The US has a top 15 listing of the worst cities for bed bug infestation and these are big tourist cities and business destinations. Travelers are even more at risk for bed bug encounters than the general population.

Females may deposit up to five eggs a day, and perhaps 200-500 over a lifetime. With an available food supply and normal room temperatures, they can survive beyond 300 days. While it is possible that bed bugs can carry diseases, no diseases have been traced to them. Bed bugs feed on blood, and people or animals respond differently to bed bug bites.

Symptoms of having been bitten include red, swollen areas on the skin, bites that form a line or grouped together, or blisters at the bite site. Some people are unaffected, while others experience swelling and pain.


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