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Bird Spikes Installation Service

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Phoenix Pigeon ControlBird Spikes Installation Service Arizona – Want to get rid of Pigeons or other birds? We can help today! Call for a free no-obligation inspection and evaluation 602.308.4510. Our experienced professionals can put you on the road to being bird free. #1 Phoenix Arizona Bird Spikes Installation Service.

Contact us today to see about scheduling a free inspection of your property and see how we can help you stop all the mess pigeons and birds create as well as the liabilities of possible slip and/or fall dangers and health hazards associated with pest birds. Our professional Pigeon removal and bird control technicians are your best solutions to resolving pest bird and Pigeon control problems.  Our experience will save you time, money, and frustration and you will find comfort in knowing the job was done right.

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Spikes can be effective in keeping Pigeons from roosting on ledges and window sills. Like most deterrent products they can work but when used in the wrong location and/or situation spikes can be counterproductive.  Placed in the wrong location bird spikes can create a nice nesting area which will lead to more problems. If you’re looking to use spikes to control a Pigeon problem in Arizona it may be best to call a professional.

Deterrent spikes can be a humane option for deterring large birds and pigeons from landing or attempting to nest in unwanted areas. Generally, they can be used on ledges, I-beams, signs, conduit and similar surfaces.  They can be useful in preventing large birds from roosting and perching. Spikes do not harm birds, they simply create an uneven surface that birds cannot land on. Installing spikes can be an effective, humane, and economic solution for preventing birds from landing.

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bird spikes installation serviceBefore considering spikes, make sure they are the right product for the situation. If birds are nesting heavily in an area, you may want to consider other options.  Also, spikes should be used for bird’s starling size or larger such as pigeons and crows. Smaller birds such as sparrows will sometimes squeeze their way in between spikes to get back to a good spot.

Prior to installing spikes, it’s critical to thoroughly clean the area.  Birds mark their territory with their droppings.  Cleaning these droppings and removing marking pheromones will increase the success rate of bird spikes.  Failing to clean prior to installation can render the spikes useless.

#1 Phoenix Bird Spikes Installation

arizona bird spikes installationPlacement is critical. In addition to placing the spikes to block access to nesting areas, it’s important that placement is close enough to the ledge to prevent landing in front or back.  Larger bird spikes and/or doubling up may be necessary on bigger ledges.

If you are considering spikes and need a professional to install them – give us a call.  We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.  Bill’s Pest & Termite is an authorized spike installer for Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada. For more information give us a call today. #1 Phoenix Bird Spikes Installation Service.

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We used Bill’s Pest Control to install bird spikes to all our locations throughout Arizona. We were impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail. The work was completed on time and the cost of the job came in under budget. We try to use local family owned companies like Bill’s Pest Control and recommend their services.

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