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Woodpeckers can be a major problem for home/business owners. Once they find a property or structure, they can damage it severely, leaving large holes that cause further damage by allowing insects and moisture to penetrate the surface. What’s more, the constant drumming by their beaks alerts other woodpeckers to join them, creating a growing and costly problem for property owners.

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Woodpeckers usually peck at dead or diseased trees/limbs, but they have also been known to peck at homes, buildings, chimneys, vent pipes, siding, metal and/or air conditioners. Woodpeckers peck to find food, excavate areas for nesting, or create room for food storage. These birds can have two or three broods per year, each with three to six young. Immediate attention is vital to reducing damage.

This pest is protected and illegal to harm. They are considered a migratory non-game bird protected by Arizona and Federal law (Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act). You cannot kill, injure, capture, shoot or poison Woodpeckers without a permit. Fines can be up to $2000 and may include up to 2 years imprisonment.

Phoenix Woodpecker Pest Control

Woodpecker Pest Control services are best handled by a professional. Nesting areas often have two holes cut (or pecked) out.  One smaller, one larger.  The smaller hole is usually used by the male and larger by the female.

Effective control methods include physical barriers, exclusion and scare techniques. Physical barriers created in pecking and/or roosting areas will help get rid of woodpeckers by preventing entry. Commonly these are made of steel mesh. Noise scare techniques are also effective in some cases.

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After dealing with a persistant Woodpecker for over two years we called in the experts. With the first service our Woodpecker nightmare came to a screeching halt.

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