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termite inspection

Small Holes in Drywall

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Termites in Wall? Small holes in Drywall? – Got Small Holes in Drywall? Could it be termites? Maybe.  If you are seeing small holes in your drywall it may be an early indication of a termite problem hidden within your… Read More »Small Holes in Drywall

Termite Inspection Report

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Termite Inspection Report Phoenix Az – Need a Termite Inspection Report? We can help! Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termites Experts.  We provide an array of termite services.  Call us today 602.308.4510. We can provide… Read More »Termite Inspection Report

Termite Treatment Gilbert Az | Gilbert Termite Control Exterminator

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Got termites? Think you might need a Termite Treatment Gilbert Az?

The first step if you have or suspect termites in Gilbert…is to remain calm. Unlike the termites depicted in cartoons your home will not be destroyed in 30 seconds. Not all Gilbert termites are the same and surprisingly the more common species are rarely a threat to homes. So before you go into full panic mode…call a experts at Bill’s Pest and Termite for a free inspection.

Termite Treatment Peoria Az | Peoria Termite Control Exterminator

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Bill’s Peoria termite treatment Peoria Az service provides solutions to homeowners under attack by Peoria termites. Professional Peoria termite control services are usually the best option for homes that have been invaded by these pests. Most people do not put much thought into Termite Control until they discover or suspect termites. There is no reason for any of us to think about termites until we are at risk.

termite control tempe az

Termite Control Tempe Az | Tempe Termite Treatment Exterminator

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Got termites in Tempe Az? DON’T PANIC! The first step if you have and/or suspect termites in Tempe is to contact a qualified termite expert to thoroughly inspect your home. The inspection is usually free. An experience inspector can detect the presence of termites and properly identify the infesting species. Not all termites in Tempe are the same, and successfully eliminating termites from your home often hinges on proper identification.