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Do not feed the Pigeons Bills Pest Termite ControlPigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az – Got pigeons? Need Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az? Get expert help today from Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control. Family owned, and locally operated Bills provides safe, effective and affordable Pigeon removal & Trapping services.

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Common, or feral pigeons are a serious problem in the Phoenix area. Given opportunity these pests will nest in and on buildings, homes, roof tops, attics, vacated structures, eaves and just about any elevated location that provides shelter from the Arizona sun.

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While most of us live busy lives and have little time to deal with annoying birds do not ignore a pigeon problem. Remember pigeons pose a serious threat to health. Ignoring this pest will only make the problem and health risk greater. Consumers are best served contacting a professional Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az at the first inkling of a problem. Pigeon Trapping Services.

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Readers Digest Version: Pigeons and Pigeon droppings are a health hazard to people and pets. The primary danger that pigeons presents is the transmission of disease such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis infections. Fungal diseases are transmitted to humans by spores in bird droppings. Symptoms of infection usually are mild, but histoplasmosis may cause flu-like symptoms. More serious symptoms such as high fever, blood abnormalities or pneumonia also can occur.

If you have a weakened immune system, cryptococcosis infection can cause you to be more susceptible to lung infection, and may spread to other areas of your body, where it can be fatal if left untreated. Pigeon droppings can lead to the development of mold, and may attract other problems including other pigeons, insects and predators.

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Pigeons in the Phoenix area are considered “feral” as they are a mix of different species. Valley exterminators often refer to them as “flying rats.” Exterminators that deal with this pest consider them more of a “multi-platform disease delivery system.” Flying rats are known to carry ectoparasites including yellow mealworms, chicken mites and bedbugs. Among the dozens of maladies, they spread are a sort of pulmonary disease called cryptococcosis, as well as our old friends salmonella and E. coli. Professional Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az use great caution and wear protective gear when dealing with this pest. Bird Removal Services Phoenix Az.

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phoenix pigeon removalThey will nest anywhere, especially on ledges and roof tops. Pigeons mate for life or until something better comes along. The operative word here is mate, which pigeons like to do more than anything except eat. They breed almost constantly, and are especially prolific in the spring and summer. It takes about three weeks for the eggs to hatch, then mom and dad are at it again. Given that pigeons will typically return to their birth place and reproduce getting hold of a problem early serves the best interest of consumers.

If you are having a problem, give us a call today. We are happy to dispatch a professional to provide a free inspection and evaluation. Our Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az is affordable and designed to provide immediate relief. Pigeon Clean up Services Phoenix Az.

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