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Mice Removal Exterminator in Phoenix Az

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mice removal exterminatorMice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az – Got mice? We can help rid these critters from your home or business today. Get expert Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az services from you hometown exterminator. If you’re looking for the best rodent control in Metro Phoenix Arizona call Bills Pest Termite Control. Our services are safe, effective and affordable.

Mice are considered the most troublesome rodent in Arizona. They can live in and around a variety of conditions. Homes, commercial structures, open fields and agricultural lands can all support nesting areas for mice.

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Phoenix exterminatorThey are small rodents with large ears and small black eyes.  The average Arizona mouse weighs about 1/2 an ounce and is typically brown to gray in color.  An adult mouse can range in size is from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches long, from nose to the tip of the tail.

Mice are great climbers and can run up any vertical surface.  They can run across rope or wire cables and can jump one foot down to the floor. In Arizona it’s not uncommon to see mice scurry up stucco walls.

Short of actually seeing mice the first signs of infestation are mouse droppings. Usually the droppings are in and around nesting areas. Holes in drywall at floor level with distinctive chew marks can be a signal that a problem exists.

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House MouseAt the first inkling of a mouse infestation consumers are best served calling a professional Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az service. Allowing mice to infest areas inhabited by humans and pets is not a good idea. Mice can spread diseases. Some of which can be fatal.

Because of these dangers, mice should be kept away from homes, schools, child care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, food storage areas, warehouses, office buildings or cafeterias.

Getting rid of mice is not usually a do-it-yourself project. Mice while not as difficult to control as other rodents can still be a challenge. Calling a professional Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az service can save consumers a lot of time and frustration.

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Rodents cannot live without food, water or shelter.  You can control rodent problems by following these basic steps!

Step One: Rodent proof your home or business.

  • Check the outside of your house for holes or gaps the size of a quarter or larger
  • Repair all openings using rodent proof materials:1/4 inch 18-22 gauge wire hardware cloth
  • Install metal weather stripping under doors to remove gaps

Step Two: Remove food sources.

  • Keep garbage cans covered at all times
  • Pick fruit, nuts and vegetables as they ripen, and throw away or compost fallen fruit on the ground
  • Feed pets during daylight hours only, and remove uneaten food right away
  • Avoid storing food in garages and storage sheds at night unless in rodent-proof covered metal containers

Step Three: Always use traps, not poison bait inside.

  • Poisoned rodents may die inside walls or attics, creating odors and attracting flies
  • Use snap traps when mice are inside your home
  • Place traps at entry points, or where you have seen rat droppings
  • Use CAUTION when placing traps around children or pets
  • Bait the traps with peanut butter or the food the rats have been eating
  • Tie down traps to prevent injured rats from dragging the traps away and dying inside your walls
  • Check traps at least twice a week

Step Four: OUTSIDE your home use poison bait!

  • Keep bait away from children and pets
  • Rodent proof your home BEFORE using poison bait
  • Always read the label and follow directions when using poisons
  • Multi-dose, anti-coagulant poisons are the most effective, and the rat may need to feed on the bait for several days for it to work
  • Place poison bait in an enclosed bait station, where rodent droppings have been found
  • Make sure bait is in a protected area, such as under woodpiles or thick vegetation where rats may be hiding
  • Check bait stations twice a week and add bait when necessary
  • Place dead rodents in sealed plastic bags and put them in the trash

Step Five: Correct Rodent habitat!

  • Remove all trash and debris
  • Stack woodpiles, lumber and household items at least 18 inches above the ground, 12 inches away from fences and walls
  • Trim trees, bushes and vines to at least 4 feet away from the roof
  • Remove heavy plant vegetation such as ivy, and bougainvillea away from buildings and fences
  • Thin vegetation to allow daylight in and remove rodent hiding places

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Pest Control trained techniciansIf you’re having a rodent problem at your home or business and would like expert help, call us today. Bills Pest Termite Control provides expert Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az services. Call us today. The sooner you call the sooner we can get you back on the road to living in a pest free home.

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Mouse Pest Control Phoenix Az
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Mouse Pest Control in Phoenix Az

For over a month we tried to catch a mouse in our home. What a nightmare. Within two hours of calling Bill’s Pest Control Summer had the little monster caught and removed.  Great service

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