Cricket or Termite Droppings

Cricket or Termite Droppings? – Is it Cricket or Termite Droppings is a question we often hear from concerned homeowners.  To the untrained eye, cricket droppings can appear similar to termite droppings.  Of course, most owners are relieved when told what they thought was evidence of termites potentially destroying their home is crickets.

“Getting rid of crickets is much cheaper than termites.” 

To the human eye cricket or termite droppings look similar.  Determining the difference often takes a professional termite control provider with a trained eye.  Determining whether you see cricket or termite droppings is critical. Eradication of either pest requires entirely different treatment methods.  Although getting rid of termites can be difficult and more expensive neither should be ignored.

Arizona is home to at least 17 unique species of termites. Most residents are familiar with the sight of termite tubes and associate that with having the critters. Unfortunately, not all types of termites build these tell-tale mud tunnels.  In fact, the most destructive species found in North America can be found across the Metro Phoenix valley, and they do not build any dirt tunnel(s).  Western Drywood termites are seldom seen, and usually, the only evidence of their presence is when they push fecal pellets out of infested wood.  To the untrained eye, these pellets look just like cricket droppings.  Because of the destructive nature of this species determining whether you see cricket or termite droppings is critical.

While crickets are mainly nuisance pests, homeowners are best served not ignoring this pest. Large populations can create unsanitary conditions, and worse yet they will attract predator type insects such as spiders, scorpions, and aggressive ants.  The presence of predator insects often referred to as the biters and stingers, immediately raise the threat level.

Getting rid of Western Drywood termites can be more involved and expensive. Depending upon the extent of the infestation and location(s) consumers can have multiple eradication methods to select from. Treatment methods can range from just removing infested wood (if possible), to complete home fumigations for more severe infestations.  It’s best to have a professional inspect to determine the extent of the infestation and best method to eradicate.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and specializes in getting rid of Arizona pests. We can help you determine if you see cricket or termite droppings with our free inspection service.  For more information about cricket or termite droppings give us a call.

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Cricket poop or Termite poop - cricket or termite droppings